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Address: A-160, Jan Path,
Saket Nagar, Shyam Nagar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

Phone Number: 09672505544

Timing: 09:00AM - 11:00PM

Pet Shop in Shyam Nagar

Our dog shop in Shyam Nagar Sodala, Jaipur offers a range of pet products assorted to give your little friends all the comfort and care they deserve. At The DogFather, we provide products ranging from feeding bowls to pet grooming brushes, pet foods and nutritional supplements of all types.

How do I Keep my Pet Happy and Cheerful?

As a pet owner, you need to ensure that your pet finds you comfortable to approach and easy to spend time with. It is one of many things that would help your pet stay happy and excited. Some of the other things that would help your pet stay happy and cheerful include,

Offer them Toys

Toys are known to stimulate and excite pets and humans alike. There are a variety of toys available in the market today that you can choose from as per your comfort. Ensure that the toy you choose is not toxic and does not have any sharp edges. Playing with toys also keeps them active and healthy. Choose from the chewy toys and balls for dogs and cats available at the pet shop in Shyam Nagar.

Give them Proper Attention

Pets can be quite needy and have mood shifts within a short span of time. It is necessary to take care of their needs and be there for them, especially during the initial phase of your relationship.

Pets might need a loving hand at some point during the day, while sometimes they need to have their private space. Also, they tend to get overwhelmed if there is some other younger baby or other pet. It is necessary to give them your attention in the right amount.

Gain Proper Knowledge

If you are a pet owner, we strongly recommend you know more about the breed of your pet. If it is a local breed, know about their behaviour and family roots. You can find it on the internet or through some professionals. It is necessary to know this information as it helps to know about their moods and needs.

Let them Socialize

Apart from this, it is necessary to give them exposure to new experiences. One way to do so is by taking them on walks and play spaces where they come across more humans and pets. It is important to note here that your pet should be calm when encountering other pets. Being in a space with their likes allows them to ease into the environment. It also gives them a thing to look forward to. This also gives you an opportunity to complete your pet’s exercise schedule.

Regular Vet Visits

Timely vet visits also ensure complete health check-ups for your pet. Also, to protect your pet from viral diseases and immune-attacking viruses, your vet will ensure proper vaccination of the pet. They are quite prone to viruses and bacterial infections due to low immunity.

We also recommend you get a proper diet chart for your pet. At the dog food shop in Shyam Nagar Sodala, Jaipur, we offer all sorts of food products for your little furry friend. Apart from this, we also keep a variety of treats at our puppy food shop in Shyam Nagar Jaipur.

Essentials for every Pet Owner

There are a variety of items that help ease your life if you are a pet owner. These items allow your pets to stay busy and happy throughout the day. Pet supplies are basically everything the pet needs for his/her daily activities as well as occasional requirements. It includes:

  • Body Brushes

  • Leash or Collars

  • Anti-chew sprays

  • Tooth Brushes

  • Toenail clippers

  • Id name tags

  • Id name tags

  • Bowls for food

  • Soft, fuzzy toys

What do we offer at The Dogfather?

At The Dogfather, we offer a variety of collections of feeders, food bowls, water bowls, food items and treats and much more. These items are of daily use for a pet. Our services also include sexual health care, nutritional complementary products, winter wear collections and much more. As a responsible pet owner, we recommend you keep your pet active with a daily portion of the exercise. Also, note that your pet can also feel food cravings. Choose from a wide range of chewy bone, chewy bones available at The DogFather.