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The DogFather pet shop - Your ultimate store to buy cat litter online in India

Once you've decided to let a fluffy kitten into your home and heart, the first thing you should take care of is not treats or toys. You can buy these trifles later, everything but a cat litter tray. The sooner your feline friend starts using their litter box, the better.  

If you're in the market for a convenient, eco-friendly cat toilet and a good absorption filler with foul odor eliminating function, you are at the right spot. We offer an extensive range of litter boxes, trays, and fillers at wholesale prices. You can order them in a flash through our convenient online platform or pay a visit to our offline stores in Jaipur. Whatever your choice is, you're guaranteed to enjoy the best shopping experience. 

Order cat litter from us to say goodbye to funky odors and dirty paws

Cats are very tidy and picky by their nature. If your kitty’s toilet is stinky, dirty, or uncomfortable, you’ll never make them go there. Therefore, it is worth choosing a good cat toilet and the most appropriate filler once to use them for many years. Here at the DogFather store, you have much of choice:

  • bamboo recycled trays
  • XL litter boxes with antibacterial and deodorizing effect
  • home-like box toilets with top entry
  • 100% natural corn and cassava litter 
  • bentonite litter with fast clamping and bad odor control
  • fast-absorbing mats for a litter box, bowl, or fountain

Cat toilet products we offer are made of pet-friendly materials that are safe for your loved felines. We prove to our clients that even cheap cat litter may be of grade-A quality. Place your order with us and check it by yourself. 

Why chose The DogFather to buy cat litter in India?

Our pet shop is devoted to your little friends who deserve the best attitude from their owners. Thanks to our broad assortment and budget-friendly prices, you can care about your furry buddies without causing harm to your wallet. Stock up on cat litter in advance to keep your pet toilet clean and tidy all the time. And as a bonus from us, all orders of over 1000 RS will be delivered free of charge. 

Buy cheap, get fast, and use our cat supplies with pleasure!