Pet Grooming Service in Jaipur

As a pet owner or as a pet lover, you know how important it is for your pet to be groomed. Pet grooming enhances the physical appearance of your pet and ensures hygienic and cleaning care of your pet, which may be sometimes painful to your pet but a necessity for them. A well-trained Dogfather pet groomer knows how to carefully and innoxious groom your pet. Pet grooming in Jaipur is not a tough job but can be a fun one for your pet with the right selection of pet groomers.

What Dogfather Pet Grooming services in Jaipur include?

Bathing your pet

We bathe your pet using the best shampoo which is gentle and non-toxic for your pet addition to it we clean the anal gland removing ticks and fleas.

Coat/hair brushing

We brush your animal's coat/hair and use a special brush to detangle the hair and help remove mats and dead and damaged hair.

Hair/Coat trimming

Pet groomers will shave, clip or trim the coat/hairs when necessary. Depending on the breed, the groomer will use social scissors and clips to remove all unwanted hair.

Nail trimming

It is necessary to trim your pet's nails to reduce the risk of injury and nail damage as nail cracks can be very uncomfortable and also can do a lot of skin damage. They may also give pedicures.

Pet dental hygiene

It is essential to keep your pet's dental hygiene. It includes cleaning the mouth. It prevents dental issues, including decay nd infection. A professional pet groomer is specialized in dental cleaning and ensures more thorough cleaning.

Hair styling

Pet groomers cut and style your pet's hair/coat using specific techniques according to the needs of the particular breed.

What tools do pet grooming services use?

  • Clippers

  • Nail Trimmers

  • Shampoo

  • Hair trimmer

  • Comb

  • Shedding blade

  • Furmintor

  • Toothpaste

Why is Dogfather Pet Grooming services an ideal choice for your pet?

  • Dogfather Pet Grooming services understand your requirements and the necessity of your pet grooming and your fear of not getting your cute pets injured or harmed. We ensure your pet gets groomed properly without getting cut or injured.

  • Our professional pet groomers at Dogfather Pet Grooming use sterilized tools/equipment made exclusively for pets for their proper grooming like a proper stainless steel comb, clippers, nail trimmers, fermentor, etc that don't irritate their skin and are safe for them

  • For your pet, we use shampoo and conditioner that are 100% organic, safe, cruelty-free, paraben-free, -formaldehyde, alcohol-free, synthetic dye free and non-toxic for your pet. We use specially made organic toothpaste made for pets, unlike other grooming services that are safe for them and don't harm their teeth and gums.

  • Our pet groomers are well-trained and are experts in pet grooming and they very well know how to treat and groom your pet with gentleness and care.

  • Our pet groomers are certified, and they are given training through mentoring programs and keep them under training until they are experts in it.

  • Our pet groomers carefully handle and pamper scared pets and make sure they don't panic much while grooming.

  • We offer minimal price yet best service for your pets and always use sterilized tools for pure natural products for your pet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide only dog grooming services or all pet grooming? We provide grooming services for all pets and enhance physical appearance and hygienic care and cleaning of your pet

  • Besides haircuts and brushing what services do you provide? We also remove mats, trim nails, clean ears, remove fleas and ticks, and even the anal gland.

  • Are your pet groomers experienced and certified? Yes, our pet grooming services in Jaipur are experienced and expert as they are given proper training.

  • What kind of training do you give? We have different kinds of training through mentoring programs. We make them practically experts in pet grooming and how to groom your pet with gentleness and kindness.

Do you have first-aid if it is needed? Even Though our pet groomers are experienced and have expertise there will be no such need for first-aid but in case needed there is always a staff member present who is educated about first aid.

  • What type of products do you use? For bathing, brushing, and cleaning we use products that are 100% safe, organic, paraben-free, and non-toxic. For trimming and combing, we use good quality products that are lightweight, and gentle for your dog's skin and hair.