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26 products

The most stylish and convenient dog body harnesses in India

The whirlwind of energy most dogs are, they can suddenly dash even if trained to walk on a leash. But a secure harness is an essential piece of dog gear that works better than attaching a leash to your pet’s collar. A great dog body harness makes up for the pull, distributing it evenly and decreasing the stress on your canine’s neck. That’s why the benefits of opting for a harness aren’t limited to reducing the risk of your dog running away or getting tangled up in the leash.

The DogFather is your go-to dog harness shop for making your daily walks and outdoor adventures safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Depending on your canine’s personality and level of activity, you can opt for: 

  • Extra-sturdy harnesses with three points of adjustment for a better fit
  • Dog body harnesses that look like cute printed cardigans for your canine’s irresistible look
  • Harnesses with reflective trims for better visibility during evening walks
  • Skin-friendly padded harnesses made of organic cotton
  • Hiking pack harnesses for trail exploring and day hikes

Buy a dog body harness online for your pet’s comfort

The DogFather is dedicated to offering a range of products to better accommodate your dog’s needs. Unlike a cheap dog body harness, the high-quality one provides a comfy, customizable fit to avoid rashes or chafing and minimize pressure on the neck. And we have plenty of those.

Recommended by pet owners and experts as a safer way to enjoy daily walks, our harnesses are great for all dogs, including puppies and those who tend to tug hard on the leash. The quick-release buckles and convenient fasteners make them easy to put on, adjust and take off. Your dog may even barely notice wearing a harness, while you will certainly appreciate its advantages!