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People domesticated cats over four thousand years ago. Initially, these agile predators were not regarded as cute fluffy pets. They served to guard the supply of grain and other products against rodents. Today, when cats are primarily domestic animals, they still feature their prime instincts. That means your pet needs its territory for hunting, an opportunity to observe it, and a place for safe rest. On top of that, you have to offer your cat something to substitute for real prey - toys, balls, artificial mouses, etc. It will help your beloved pet stay healthy and active. 

 At DogFather, we know for sure what your kitty needs. Our list of online accessories for cats comprises top-of-the-line products from trusted manufacturers. Please have a look at our selection to choose a comfy cat pod or a bed for your fluffies. Creating a comfortable living for your four-legged buddy has never been easier. 

Buy pods and other cat accessories online in India

As a cat parent, you understand that your couch or chair is a bad option for your fluffy lounger. Therefore, don't be surprised if your mini lion starts "building a nest" of sheets and blankets, tearing up the armchair's upholstery - this way, they show they are the place's real owners. There is no need to punish your pet for that. Instead, open the DogFather website and buy the cat accessories of your choice. We offer comfortable beds and pods, mats, carriers, and other stuff called to provide your fluffies with the ultimate comfort. 

DogFather - Your around-the-corner pet store in India

Are you browsing the web for the query "the best cat accessories shop near me"? Well, you're not alone. A few pet stores in India can offer the same assortment and level of customer service as we do. That is why you won't find a better result for your query than the DogFather store. 

 Our accessories look stylish and contemporary which makes it easy to introduce them in every interior. Create a smart and comfy space for your beloved pet without paying over the odds.