About Us

The DogFather is a leading pet forte retailer that loves delivering healthy and happy experiences to fur babies and their parents. With thorough research and years of experience as self-pet parents, we understand the importance of quality foods, treats, toys and accessories. We offer you products and services that make your pets more comfortable, physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy. You can expect quality assurance with amazing inventory and trusted international brands. Hence The DOGFATHER family is constantly endeavouring towards our goal: “YOUR PET DESERVES THE BEST".

We are a trustworthy and reputed organization in the pet’s world. All over India, Dogfather has provided quality products for your adorable pets. We, too are so drawn to pet animals that we know how they feel. We strive to give your pet’s fur a shiny and rich appearance along with the healthy body. In other words, we supply foods and products for your pets that enhances the shape of your dog’s skin and health. With the years of experience in this organization, we have gained so much knowledge about pet’s conditions. We are happy to enhance the world of pet animals because we care the most.

What we give

We are here to fulfill your pet’s needs with our incredible products. Explore us to experience the smoothest shopping you ever have. From Shampoo to syrup, we offer everything that contributes to boosting up your pet’s everything. We care for what your pets require. We know they can’t speak, but we understand how they feel.

Our love for pets made us start this company. Since then, we have been serving to keep every pet healthy and smart. If you have any question, contact us today and start shopping for your pet here!