464 products

464 products

Dog products that will make your canine happier

If you think your pooch can’t love you more, wait until you get something for your furry friend from The DogFather. That’s where you shop for essential and extravagant dog supplies online. Whether you own a German Shepherd or a Chihuahua, this collection will meet all your canine needs. Hop into it and grab what your pup or adult dog deserves.

Pamper your pet with the right dog supplies

The DogFather offers the best canine products that money can buy. They all come from the brands you know to make your dog:

  • Healthier. Get nutrient-packed food for your dog and pamper him or her with delicious treats. Vitamins and supplements can be the icing on the cake for your buddy’s well-being.
  • More joyful. Dog items like toys will make your canine active and physically fit. Let your pooch play with whatever he or she likes, be it a bone or a rope.
  • More comfortable. If you want to buy dog supplies that will make your pet feel toasty in cold months, look at our outfits and accessories. Remember to get a comfy bed for your pooch to nestle at home.
  • Well-trained. Are you trying to turn your furry couch potato into a world-class athlete? Leashes, bark control collars, harnesses and other items can add to your training sessions.
  • More beautiful. Grooming and brushing are not something you can take for granted as a pooch owner. Start with basic combs and move on to the newest deshedding tools to make your dog’s coat look silky.
  • More relaxed when travelling. If you’ve decided to bring your dog along on that trip, you don’t want your friend tossed around in some box. Find an ideal crate or carrier for your pup at The DogFather for safer and worry-free rides.

Looking for extras? Let your eyes wander through all our dog items online or enter the sought-after products directly in the search bar. Our assortment has it all – from canine perfumes and diapers to kits and bandanas.

At The DogFather, you can order any dog products online to have them shipped anywhere in India. You won’t be stunned by any fees if you spend Rs. 1,000 or more. The other way to get what your pooch needs is to visit one of our physical locations. We run three pet stores in Jaipur and are always ready to greet you and your dog.