Dog Treats

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      31 products

      As a pup parent, you cannot neglect the requirement of providing dog treats to your little fur-friend. These treats are yummy rewards for your dog for their desired behaviour. Treats are one of the best ways to show your dog how much you notice their growth, behaviour and care for them. Being the natural motivator for dogs, these treats help your pet in learning new tricks now and then. We at Dogfather provide your dog with the extremely delicious and enriched with nutrients treats that your pet will savour. Some of the leading brands from which we offer the treats are Absolute Pet, Red Barn, Pet Brands, Petkin, Snuffle, Rena, ACANA and NPIC.

      Even for Vegan lovers, we have 100% vegetarian treats that would be an appropriate option for rewarding their pets. These dog treats online not only contain low-level of sugar but are also enriched with essential vitamins and other nutrients that keep their oral conditions better. One can find Biscuits, Drinks, Bones, Chew Sticks, Dental Care Treats, Meaty Treats along with the veg one. Moreover, the treats come in crunchy as well as soft textures that help in promoting oral health. Apart from this, all the treats contain a decent quantity of fibre that supports digestive health with higher nutrition absorption.

      From our variety of collection, you can easily get the best dog training treats which contain munchy kebabs, milky chew sticks,  chicken sausage, chicken & calcium bones, fish on sticks, chicken strips, Codfish sandwich, dental care daily sticks, peanut butter biscuits, Dog pizza, teething ring, air-dried treats cookies, chocolate and so much more. Even if you have pups or adults, we have treats that suit their activeness and regular lifestyle which also motivates them to learn new tricks easily. So hurry up and get the treats for your fur buddy at the affordable price range.