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You may wonder how to find a balanced diet to help your furry friend live an active and healthy life. With dozens of cat food brands offered on today's market, pet owners may feel all at sea about what to choose. However, this choice is essential as our cats' healthy kidneys and liver, their superb shiny coats, and, eventually, long life directly depend on the food we give them. 

 The DogFather is India's #1 pet store with a large selection of well-balanced food for cats and kittens. We supply certified pet meals to ensure your fluffy friends have permanent access to holistic wet and dry nutritious yummies.

The best cat food on the DogFather’s gourmet menu

To meet a cat's nutrition requirements might be puzzling, especially if you're not an experienced pet owner. Cats are picky and won't eat the food they don't like. However, one thing is clear as day — you should never feed your fluffy with human or dog food. The kitty's age is also crucial. Here at DogFather, we have plenty of dry and wet cat food at cheap rates that will satisfy your adult and baby gourmets:


  • Dry food. This is the most common and convenient feeding option for adult cats. The undeniable advantage of dry food is that you can put it into a bowl and leave your pet home alone. Besides, dry granules clean your purr’s teeth from stone and plaque. This kind of food is convenient to store in a tightly closed pack or container.


  • Wet food. This kind of food comprises various canned meals, most often with meat, poultry, or fish in a sauce. If your cat, for some reason, doesn’t drink enough water, wet food containing up to 80% of the liquid is the right option. Please mind that you should never leave a half-eaten portion in the bowl — it will spoil. An open can or pack should be stored in the fridge, but no longer than a day.


We are the only pet shop in India that offers holistic cat food at a price affordable to anyone. To ensure our clients get the best, we cooperate with renowned global brands like Royal Canin, Vet Life, Acana, and others. We spare no effort to deliver the healthiest and delicious food to your lovely cats. 

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The DogFather has been standing guard over your cats’ healthy nutrition for years to come. We offer holistic food that is best for good digestion. Our custom-tailored meals are deprived of grains and potato starch but have fruit, vegetables, and herbs in their list of ingredients. 

Can’t you choose from our versatile cat food menu? Feel free to get in touch with our pet-loving team to receive thoughtful recommendations. Getting cat delicacies at the DogFather is always money-saving and hassle-free!