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15 products

Stock up on cheap dry cat food at the reputable pet shop

Are you about adopting a new purring family member? Or want to change your adult feline diet? Then you have to stock up on grade-A cat food at the DogFather - the #1 pet store in India. We have a variety of dry cat food on sale for any breed, age, weight, and special health needs. Before getting any dry food for your cat, make sure to consult your vet to select the right option. 

Discover the best dry cat food online in India

Choosing the appropriate diet for your kitty might be challenging. Cats are picky when it comes to food, and you'll never make them eat something they do not like. But one thing is clear as day — you should never feed your purring friend with leftovers or your dog's food. The feline's age and health conditions are also crucial. At DogFather, we have collected the superb dry cat food menu abundant in vitamins, minerals, micro-, and macroelements, which is delicious and healthy.

Check out our list of world-class dry food brands, including Royal Canin, Orijin, Monello, Vet Life, Monello, Acana, and other manufacturers. They put the best ingredients in their food to tailor your feline's diet. 

Whether your cat is allergic to some ingredients or has kidney, liver, ingestion, or other disorders, pay special attention to our holistic dry food. It is made up of pure ingredients with zero fat content. Thus you can get food free of chicken or veal or vice versa with the privilege of one of these ingredients. 

Buying dry cat food online has never been easier. Just select the required option, put it in your shopping cart, and voilà, your online order is made. If your purchase exceeds Rs 1000, the delivery spendings are on us.