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Discover trending cat toys online for your feline to climb, scratch and have fun

A bored cat can make a mess at your home. Fortunately, there are quite a few distractions you can get for your kitty. Explore cat toys online at DogFather for the latest collections, all designed with the welfare of your feline in mind.

DogFather is an online pet shop serving the Indian market. We have a plethora of cat toys ranging from bouncy balls to scratch pads. We are pet owners, meaning real-life needs and observations back every plaything we bring to this catalog.

The cat toys shop that cares about your pet

Our cat toy collection is extensive and exciting. We carry cat play mats, rubber balls, soft squishy attention-grabbers, pads, towers and even electronic toys that are nothing but interactive to enhance your cat’s play.

DogFather is committed to ensuring every feline lover can get cheap cat toys for all feline’s activity levels. We also want to reduce the destruction of furniture by giving your pet a better option to climb, pounce and scratch. Our pads and towers come in a raft of sizes for all cat personalities and breeds.

Whether you own a kitten, an adult cat or multiple felines, you know the curiosity of your furry friend never falters. That’s why we offer toys that are perfect for various activities to keep your pet busy, happy and healthy.

Choose and order cat toys online in India

Shopping with DogFather means choosing from proven cat-friendly products with globally recognized names behind them. We’re proud to carry SmartyKat, Trixie, Fofos and other brands to add variety to your feline’s playtime. Remember, all cats get wearied of the same old toys as they grow.

Are you shopping on a budget? You’ll love to know we also have cat toys on sale, including those for your feline’s healthy hunting and scratching behaviors. The prices couldn’t be any lower!

Whether it’s a pad or to-be-caught mouse, you can buy it at DogFather in the twinkling of an eye. Simply select a plaything, add your shipment details, and pay for it. 

If you’re looking for the best cat toys in India, look no further because Dogfather has got you covered. We also have a return policy to guarantee every purchased item meets quality standards. At DogFather, we ship cat toys across the entire country, so why not make your feline happy today?