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Shop wet dog food in India for pets of all breeds, sizes and ages

Coming from years of experience and knowing all the ifs and whys of holistic nutrition for your pet, the DogFather is committed to providing the healthiest solutions for your dog’s needs. Complete dog wet food served at its freshest is the most appetizing meal that your canine friend is sure to enjoy. We make sure it is not only a great-tasting option but the optimal balanced and wholesome nutrition to help maintain your dog’s health.

The holistic wet dog food for sale at DogFather is:

  • GMO-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low-fat
  • Nutrient-dense and protein-rich 
  • High in fiber
  • Free from grains, corn, gluten, soy or dairy
  • Free from flavorings, preservatives and colorants
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants 
  • Enriched with essential fatty acids and Omega-3

Made with fresh meat, fish and vegetables, our canned wet food is naturally nutritious and great for a well-rounded diet. Plan it for your dog!

Buy wet dog food that gives you peace of mind

Depending on individual preferences and needs, wet food can be used just to treat or comfort your pet, to add some variety or as the best diet to stay hydrated. The benefits of our healthy wet dog food make for an extensive list:

  • Easier on your dog’s digestion
  • Great for canines with food sensitivities
  • Promotes a healthy bowel function
  • Prevents urinary tract problems
  • Helps with weight management, making pets feel fuller
  • Tasty and more flavorful, perfect for fussy eaters
  • Easier to chew for puppies, dogs with dental issues or seniors

The well-formulated mix of ingredients is of paramount importance, so cheap wet dog food isn’t likely to meet your pet’s nutritional needs. When comparing products and their ingredient lists, avoid anything containing chemical preservatives and coloring, gluten, corn and soy. If you are looking for a more palatable and appetizing form of a complete and balanced diet, the DogFather selection of adult wet dog food offers plenty of healthy choices and delicious flavors.

Each of these wholesome natural mixes contains no artificial additives or low-quality ingredients, being a perfect peace-of-mind solution for a variety of health needs and conditions. Many of the DogFather canned delicacies are also suitable for cats, so your best wet dog food can even be shared and enjoyed by your feline and canine friends at mealtime. They all deserve to be treated to the very best!