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Address: 147 B, Bhatia Hospital Marg,
near Panchwati Circle,
Raja Park, Jaipur,
Rajasthan 302004

Phone Number: 096725 02244

Timing: 09:30AM - 11:00PM

Pet Shop in Raja Park

At The Dogfather, we offer all kinds of pet accessories such as name tags, food bowls, pet toys and food products made with love to suit the taste of your pawesome friends. Our dog shop in Raja Park Jaipur is a happy family of pet lovers who will coordinate to help find the perfect items for your needs.

How to be a responsible Pet Owner?

To be a proud pet parent and a responsible owner, it becomes necessary that you understand the needs of your furry friend. Just like a human, a pet has varying needs of nutrition, care and desires throughout its growth spurt. So being a pet owner what are the things you need to keep in mind?

Good Food To Set the Pet’s Mood

Food that meets the nutritional needs of your pet is bound to be good for your pet. Further, the dietary needs of pets differ during each stage of their life. Remember, having a pet is a responsibility. Never put table leftovers as food for your dog or cat. Find a range of puppy food and wet dog foods at The Dogfather to serve the food with the right nutritional needs.

In fact, a pet such as cats or dogs are not resistant to the adverse effects of certain foods such as salt and may be fatal. Such items may be edible for humans. Proper food in the appropriate proportion would keep your pet fit and excited for the next day.

PS - Even your pet has food cravings. Feed your furry friend his/her favourite delicacies of chew sticks and meaty treats in small proportions, at appropriate intervals.

Keep them Cool n Hydrated

Keep your pet well-fed and give them easy access to fresh drinking water at least twice a day. Fresh water in a proper amount keeps your pet’s body cool and healthy. Cats use moisture to keep themselves well-groomed and lubricated licking their fur off any dirt. Choose the 2.5 Litres Pai series Cat and Dog Water Fountain from our collection of water bowls.

Proper Exercise once a day

To keep unwanted conditions of obesity and heart health issues away, we recommend you keep your pet active with a daily portion of exercise. It may not necessarily be a long walk. Choose a dogwood or rawhide dog chew toy from our collection of dog toys at the puppy pet shop in raja park Jaipur.

Also, playtime gives your little friend time to socialize with the surroundings and improve their interaction levels. This can help them gain exposure to new experiences and expand their awareness levels.

Regular Bathroom breaks for Pets

As a responsible dog food shop in Raja Park, we strongly recommend seeing that your dogs and cats relieve themselves of body waste regularly. A dog for instance, in the puppy phase, can hold it for the same number of hours as its age in months.

In other words, a puppy of 2 months can hold it for about 2 to 3 hours. However, no puppy or dog should keep the waste for more than 6 hours. As a dog parent, you may also teach the dog to wait for the right time and place for relieving itself. Proper sanitation also reflects in your pet’s mood as they tend to stay cheerful.

What are some of the must-have Pet Supplies?

Pet supplies are basically everything the pet needs for his/her daily activities as well as occasional requirements. Some must-have items are listed here.

  • Id name tags

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Bowls for food

  • Water vessels

  • Poop bags and litter bowls

  • Body Brushes

  • Leash or Collars

  • Anti-chew sprays

  • Tooth Brushes

  • Toenail clippers

  • Exercise and socializing toys for pets

  • Soft, fuzzy toys

Some of these items are of great importance to ensure solutions to some daily challenges. You might be saving your pet from damaging their teeth and furniture from avoidable damage using anti-chew sprays.

What do we offer at The Dogfather?

Our range of products at the dog shop in Raja Park Jaipur has all sorts of collections categorised based on their functionalities. We offer bowls for feeding, fountain bowls for water and accessories for daily utility purposes.

We also supply delicacies such as veg and meaty treats, and health and nutrition supplies. Some important sections where we have a strong foothold are pregnancy, sexual and urinary care products for the well-being of pets. You can also help your cute pet get in the Fashion lane by choosing an appealing hoodie for winter wear from our latest winter wear collection.