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      SmartyKat cat toys for exercise and pet entertainment

      Whether you’re looking to boost your kitty’s activity level or keep your pets off your desk when you’re working, the DogFather carries a range of interactive, fun toys that really do the job. All the SmartyKat toys for sale here are great sources of entertainment, while the brand has amassed thousands of 5-star ratings and amazed plenty of picky customers so far.

      SmartyKat dangly, moving, teasing pull-to-motion or battery-powered toys entice cats to hunt, chase, grab and swat. Replicating the movements and mimicking the sounds of small prey, they trigger your feline’s predatory instincts. That’s how SmartyKat cat toys keep your pet engaged, entertained and happy without requiring much effort from you to activate and use.

      Have fun watching your feline become playful, kitten-like and excited by stimulating a wand-and-feathers, twinkling light-up bug or electronic motion all SmartyKat toys provide!

      Think like a cat: Consistent play sessions and smart kitty toys are important

      All cat owners who want their fuzzy babies to feel they’re being cared for should encourage activity and natural cat instincts through play. SmartyKat interactive cat toys offer excellent functionality for keeping the game going when you’re too busy for waving and dragging something around. These bouncy, crinkly and catnip-filled toys to fetch, chew and kick are a hit with all cats!

      Whether you prioritize cute looks, quality materials or durability when you buy a SmartyKat cat toy, you get it all! They hold up well to teeth and claws, as well as to prolonged or tough and enthusiastic play sessions. SmartyKat boasts some of the highest Amazon ratings and best reviews for durability. Their lasting, lightweight products are what every cat owner and cat lover needs to pamper and entertain that fur baby of any age and size.