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1 product

We at IndieGood, strive to build products that leave a minimal impact on the surroundings we live in. The narrative we have constructed around this belief is that it might make both our lives and the world a bit better.

We are far from being 100% sustainable but it is our little before/after story and we would like to stick to achieving it. Yes, we fuss over all the design decisions that go into making and supply chain processes to be more eco-friendly.

We are a for-profit company and value people, environment, and creativity in equal measures. We do not follow trends but focus on creating timeless, clean, and subtle designs for an organized lifestyle.

In order to maintain the quality of our handcrafted products and to bring fresh designs to you, we believe in small batch production. We use handmade paper, corrugated sheets and paper tapes for our packaging to keep it as plastic-free as possible.