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Let your furry buddy’s coat shine with our collection of the best dog shampoos

How often do you wash your dog? What shampoo do you use? If you know the correct answers, you must be a very caring pet owner. Well, vets recommend washing dogs once a month. And yes, you should never use human shampoos and soaps on your four-legged friends. Human and dog skin differ in pH level. And if you don’t want your pup to suffer from greasy skin, dermatitis, or dandruff, you’d better buy a dog bathing shampoo tailored to your pet’s skin type.

The DogFather is a reputable online pet store offering a myriad of animal care products manufactured by international market leaders. Our dog shampoos and conditioners are lab-tested and approved by veterinarians. With us, taking care of your four-legged buddy fur became easier as now all you may need can be ordered in a click. 

How to choose the right shampoo for dogs at DogFather?

Choosing a dog shampoo is not as easy as it seems. Mainly because the range of dog care products is extensive and varied. At the DogFather, we have over 40 branded dog shampoos and conditioners for sale, which can be grouped as follows:

  • regular
  • tearless for puppies
  • dry
  • medical
  • whitening and brightening
  • anti-tick and anti-flea

Before adding a care product to a shopping cart, make sure you have looked through its ingredients and features. We recommend buying dog bathing shampoos considering a canine's breed, age, coat length, and specific health needs. If you're puzzled about what care products to choose from, please contact our knowledgeable specialists who are well versed in vet. 

We are your one-stop supplier of dog shampoos in India

The DogFather is a pet-devoted company that possesses many years of experience. Through this time, we have learned to understand your pets without words. Count on us if you want the best for your furry companions. We are the only supplier of dog shampoos in India where you will get the best brands stuff at reasonable rates. For your convenience, we offer free shipping around the country on all orders over 1000 RS.