Winter Safety Tips For Dogs

During the colder months, it's essential to remember that our dogs also require some extra care. In order to ensure your dog's safety during winter, especially if temperatures drop below freezing, you'll need to make some rapid alterations to your pet's schedules. Our best advice for keeping your pets warm and cozy during the winter months is given below.

To avoid any accidents, always make sure to dry off

Be sure to give your dog a good scrub off after it comes in from the cold and wipe its paws and stomach clean. Rock salt, antifreeze, and other potentially harmful compounds may be stuck to their paws and could cause serious gastrointestinal issues if swallowed. Particular attention should be paid to antifreeze because of the risk it poses to kidney health. Additionally, it is necessary to examine and treat paw pads since they may get wounded from snowy roads or hardened ice.

Prevent Frostbite in Your Pet

Your pet's paws need special protection from the cold because they are the only portion of their body that aren't covered with fur. If your pet is wiping their paws on their coat after walking on snow or ice, it's too chilly for them to be outside.  It's time to get indoors and cozy up in front of the fireplace or in a heated bed when your dog feels too cold outside.

Don’t shave your dog's coat

Never shave your dog's coat down in the winter unless absolutely necessary. When it's really cold outside, their long, thick jackets are a lifesaver. Get your short-haired dog a dog jacket online that goes all the way down to the belly if you live in a cold climate.

Maintain a toasty bed

Keep your dog off the cold floor and out of any drafts by providing a warm, comfortable sleeping spot. The next best thing to having your dog lie in bed with you is a comfy pet bed with a nice blanket or pillow.

Beware of Hypothermia Symptoms

If you live in an area where the temperature drops, it's important to know how to spot the symptoms of hypothermia in your dog and how to swiftly treat them. Warm comforters and warm liquids like chicken broth will help restore your pet's normal body temperature if it has dropped slightly. However, pets can easily become incapacitated or even die from exposure to extremely cold temperatures. Potty breaks should be brief, and your dog should always wear a sweater or a jacket. You can buy vests for dog online to keep warm.

Put a leash on near water bodies

Dogs who are naturally inquisitive might run into a lot of trouble when they venture out onto icy surfaces. This kind of tragedy can be avoided if you always keep your pet on a leash when you go on walks near water sources. If your pool freezes over, keep it well-enclosed, and keep a tight eye on pets in the yard. 

Leash Your Pet Closely and Always

During a snowfall, it is extremely dangerous to leave your dog off leash on the snow and ice since it is easy for them to lose their sense of smell and get lost. Keep your dog's identifying tags on at all times, but especially in the winter when many more pets go missing. A microchip is a useful piece of equipment that should be installed in every pet's body.

Remove Waste

It's important to quickly wipe up any antifreeze or winter windshield fluid that could have been spilled. The pleasant liquid is deadly, but it attracts pets, especially cats. Domesticated and wild animals alike face serious health risks if they consume antifreeze. Propylene glycol is preferable than ethylene glycol, so choose for items that include it if you can.

Moisturize your pet frequently this winter to prevent dry skin.

It's not just us humans that suffer from dry skin in the winter; dogs can experience the same problem when they're stuck inside while the weather outside is cold. Taking care of dry skin is a breeze, thankfully.

Bathing your pet isn't necessary very often, but when you do, a soothing oatmeal shampoo might help relieve the itching. In addition to a fatty acid supplement recommended by your veterinarian, you can also try rubbing coconut oil into your dog's fur. In addition, it is simple to boost the humidity in the entire house by using a humidifier.

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