Winters are one of the most dangerous times when your pets are highly likely to catch a cold. Due to the falling of temperatures, especially in hilly religions, it becomes quite difficult for dogs as well as cats to survive in that temperature, especially if they are not habituated with such temperatures. None of us wants to see our pets suffer, and for that, you definitely need to get the perfect sized dog winter clothes and cat clothes from The Dogfather.

People often think that dogs don't need extra protection during the winters, but it is not like that. Dogs are very much capable of catching a cold, which will ultimately give them coughs and fever during the winters. Dogs without a thick coat always need some extra insulation in order to survive the cold times.

How to purchase the perfect size of dog winter clothes and cat clothes from The Dogfather?

In order to find the perfect sized dog winter clothes and cat clothes from The Dogfather, you need to measure your pet accurately first. With a measuring tape, first measure the length of the back starting from the neck to the place on the abdomen from where the tail arises, next measure the broadest part of the chest, and lastly, measure the circumference of the neck. Now depending upon the measurements you have taken, follow the size chart to understand which size perfectly fits your pet.

Why do you need warm clothes in winter for your fur babies?

  • During winters, warm clothes are a necessity, especially when you take your pets out for walks. Temperature is always lower outside, and in that case, it is very dangerous for your fur babies as they can catch a cold. Making them wear warm clothes while taking them out is necessary.
  • During winter, pets generally become very inactive, which leads to a decrease in body heat. In such situations, your pets will need extra insulation from warm clothes.
  • Dogs that do not have a double coat will need warm clothes.
  • Also, elderly dogs or sick dogs might not have a strong immunity to fight against the cold. In that case, they will need warm clothes. The same thing is applicable to cats as well.

Why choose The Dogfather?

At The Dogfather, you need not worry about the quality of the products. Starting with food items, toys to dog winter clothes and cat clothes, you will get it all from us. We procure the products from top brands and deliver them to you. We understand that compromising with the quality might not bring a fruitful experience to your pets; hence we thrive on delivering only the best for them. We love your pets and hence never fail to give them the best that they deserve.

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