Vet Life Growth Canine Formula Dog Food

Vet Life Growth Canine Formula Dog Food


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  • Super premium therapeutic feed suitable for dogs in nutritional recovery.
  • Dry adjuvant food suitable for growing, recovering or convalescent dogs, pregnant or lactating females.
  • Hypercaloric ration / high energy.
  • Feed with high digestibility.
  • High quality and selected proteins.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Farmina Pet Food.


Growth disorders, deficiencies, support of immune system. Farmina Vet Life Growth is a complete dietetic food for the nutritional recovery of puppies with growth disorders and deficiencies and for the support of immune system. Vet Life Growth is an adjunctive food for convalescent adult dogs, growing dogs and pregnant and nursing dogs. Vet Life Growth & Convalescence is rich in proteins and energy that contribute to the recovery of dogs debilitated by bacterial or viral infections, surgery, vaccination, malnutrition, parasitism, simple fractures and minor orthopedic surgery.

Working for 40 years in the market, Farmina is an Italian brand that values ​​the selection of ingredients of their feed. All products undergo a rigorous quality control process, both in preparation and packaging. Never forgetting its main customer, the brand is against animal cruelty, and all tests are performed with veterinary monitoring and without induction of damage. The various Farmina dog food lines are designed taking into consideration the breed, weight, age and need of the pet. There are also various flavors such as chicken, fish and meat. As N&D Natural & Delicious feeds think of the primitive side of the cat, carnivorous in essence. Thus, there is a large amount of animal protein, little carbohydrate and no transgenics. Not forgetting the basic needs,