Trixie Wavy Scratching Wave- Brown
Trixie Wavy Scratching Wave- Brown
Trixie Wavy Scratching Wave- Brown
Trixie Wavy Scratching Wave- Brown

Trixie Wavy Scratching Wave- Brown


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  • This scratching offers your cat a real opportunity to scratch and play.
  • Sharpening their claws is very important for cats and it is essential for your cat to have something to scratch.
  • The sturdy sisal prevents your cat from scratching wallpaper and furniture and as sisal is a natural strong fibre with plush cover (polyester) and sisal scratching surface.
  • Helps your cat to remove the scaly top layer of their claw so preventing your cat from developing ingrown nails.
  • Unique waveform provides more variety to your cat.
  • Also be used as a den and resting place.
  • Suitable for cats of all ages and breeds.
  • Dimensions: 50 x 18 x 29cm

This TRIXIE wavy scratching wave offers a great opportunity for your little tiger to scratch unobtrusively without damaging your own furniture. Your cat can sharpen its claws on our durable sisal cat scratching wave, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. Also perch on top to survey the kingdom or crouch underneath and wait for unsuspecting pray to pass by. Maintain your furniture’s upholstery and your wall’s paint with this tough scratching surface that lets your cat sharpen its claws to its heart’s content. Small enough to be unobtrusive but alluring enough to occupy your cat’s attention, this scratching pad is a must-have for anyone with a cat that hangs out indoors.


Trixie: Scratching, hiding, cuddling, climbing and enjoying the view: Our scratching posts and scratching furniture offer all this and much more. For one cat, for several cats, with or without toys, for those cats that love to climb or to sharpen their claws or for cats that love cuddling: we have the suitable scratching post for you. Various designs and colours make the scratching posts fit perfectly into your living space.