Trixie Plastic Outdoor Bird Feeder/Dispenser

Trixie Plastic Outdoor Bird Feeder/Dispenser


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  • Made of non-toxic plastic
  • Comes with 4 landing perches
  • The feeder keeps food clean and dry
  • It has an easy to remove lid for easy filling
  • Designed for hanging
  • All of the materials used to make this feeder are non-toxic.
  • Measurements: 450 ml/23 cm
  • Height: 23 cm

Please make sure you research/check with a veterinarian what grains, foods are appropriate to feed birds. Keep an ‘eye’ on the birds that visit frequently so you can place appropriate foods for them in the feeder!

Trixie: In our product range, you can find a large variety of feed dispensers, bird feeders, fat ball holders and bird baths for wild birds. The products are made of various materials and come in various sizes, designs and colours. You can choose between bird feed and water dispensers for hanging or standing. That allows you to find the right feeding place for your garden and help our wild birds in their search for food, while you can observe them at leisure.