Savic Picnic Cocker Bowl (300 Ml)

Savic Picnic Cocker Bowl (300 Ml)


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  • The Savic Picnic Pet Bowl is perfect for both food and water and an essential for any household with pets.
  • Made with high quality plastic in a range of bright, modern colours.
  • Can be used as feeding or drinking bowl for cats and dogs.
  • Available in assorted colors and sizes.
  • Color may vary.
  • Ideal for cats and small dogs.

The Savic Picnic Pet Bowl will be a great option for drinking and feeding needs of your pet. These are easy to clean and of multi purpose use. It comes in attractive colours and can have water upto 300 ml. The colours may vary as per the availability. The high quality plastic moulded bowls come in an attractive range of colours and are extremely light in weight.  The bowls are very useful for every pet owner because of its high sides the spillage is less. Ideal for cats and small dogs.

Savic, Belgium: For more than 40 years, Savic is a world manufacturer in the field of high-quality plastic products, cages and hygiene products for the pet care market. Driven by innovation and creativity, this thoroughly Belgian company therefore continually responds to consumer needs. Today Savic is particulary proud to be active in no less than 80 countries.

WIDE RANGE: It is difficult to categorise Savic products. The assortment is very wide and includes, apart from a large range of wire cages for small animals and birds, also a wide variety of plastic pet accessories: drinking and feeding bowls, cat and dog carriers, cat litter trays,…

MODERN PRODUCTION: Innovative thinking remains a key factor in the organization of Savic. We have made some major investments in a short term to match our production of cages and plastic accessories to today’s and tomorrow’s standards.