Pet Select Pee-Pee Pet Training and Puppy Pads (100 Pads)
Pet Select Pee-Pee Pet Training and Puppy Pads (100 Pads)
Pet Select Pee-Pee Pet Training and Puppy Pads (100 Pads)
Pet Select Pee-Pee Pet Training and Puppy Pads (100 Pads)
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Pet Select Pee-Pee Pet Training and Puppy Pads (100 Pads)


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  • Pee-Pee training and puppy pads provide worry-free training and an alternative to outdoor relief for your dog with easy to-dispense pads that blend into home decor.
  • Uses 5-ply leak-proof Floor Armor system with 100% leak-proof guarantee; heavy-duty leak-proof liner protects floor and carpets.
  • Quilted top layer draws in wetness, controls urine odor and handles multiple wettings
  • 5 layer Technology absorbs liquids quickly for 12 hour day or night protection.
  • Built-in attractant draws dog to pad; super-absorbent quilted core provides maximum absorption, and quick-drying top layer prevents tracking.
  • Guaranteed leak-proof liner
  • Pads measure 22 inches x 22 inches


Pet Select Pee-pee dog pee pads have a built-in attractant to help Naturally draw puppies to the pads during training as well as adult dogs with indoor needs. pee-pee pet training and puppy pads use 5 layer technology to quickly absorb wetness and help control urine odor. Our quilted top layer drawers liquid into the absorbent core instantly and our leak-proof liner provides all day or all night protection for your floor and can handle multiple wettings. Pee-Pee Pads housebreak your puppy the easy way. Super-absorbent pads are treated to attract your puppy like magic. These super-absorbent Pet Select Pee-Pee Pads are scientifically treated to attract puppies when nature calls. Their quilted absorbency keeps urine inside the pad and neutralizes odors while the plastic lining prevents damage to floors and carpets. These pads are not only leak-proof but also versatile.

Four Paws:

Since 1970, Four Paws has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality pet products available on the market. Four Paws is a proud member of the following Pet Industry Trade Associations: APPA, WWPSA, PIJAC, PIDA. We are equally committed to providing the finest customer service in the industry. Every product is tested for usability for both owner and pet.

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