Pet Head Doggie Fragrance
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Pet Head Doggie Fragrance


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  • One quick spray keeps your dog smellin’ fresh all day
  • Great to use on wet dog’s to instantly get rid of that smell
  • Perfect to spray on before guests arrive or when you are going visiting
  • Net Qty. - 175 ml.


Skip the bath and freshen up your dog with a spritz of the Pet Head Doggie Fragrance. Working to instantly mask odours with one spray, this spray works in a variety of smelly situations. Whether your dog got caught in the rain or rolled into something unpleasant, use as needed to give him a delicious strawberry lemonade scent. Your pup will love the extra snuggles it entices. Pet Head grooming products feature natural formulas that are pH adjusted and free of petroleum derivatives and DEA. That means they will not harm your dog – even if licked or swallowed!

Most dogs don’t mind getting and staying dirty. In fact, many seem thrilled to find stinky stuff to roll in—like dead animals. Most pet owners, on the other hand, would rather not share their lives with smelly or dirt-encrusted pets. Creating a fun atmosphere for your pet to have a bath is essential in order for them to be happy when covered in suds and lovely smelling shampoos! There are many shampoos available for dogs and cats with all different skin types so get to know what your pet’s skin is like and then you can choose the appropriate product for them. There are also many dry shampoos and deodoriser sprays available for those pets who just do not enjoy getting in the bath!