What Is The Right Age To Buy A Puppy?

Who doesn’t love dogs? We all do right! And we want to see every step and progress of our dog since its childhood. Puppies are fascinating, especially when they are young. While your heart may ache for a baby puppy, when it comes to welcoming a young pup to your household, your mind should triumph. So, the age of the dog and your lifestyle should both play a role when making this choice. 

Most people would prefer a puppy to a young dog, but it's crucial to recognize the importance of bringing a puppy home at the proper age. Because of this yearning for younger puppies, puppy mills thrive. When the puppies reach the age of 30 days, they are removed, causing the female dog to stop producing milk and reducing the amount of care necessary for both the mother and the puppies. Puppy mills usually keep puppies in tight places at close quarters, increasing their risk of illness. Feeding a 35-day-old puppy is quite challenging since they are still unable to chew or digest solid food entirely. Many new pet parents make the mistake of offering solid food to young puppies. Dogs, just like human babies, start to eat food only after a certain period. Also, if you want to take proper care of your doggie, you must give them only the best quality food. For example, Dogfather is a good puppy shop in Jaipur. It provides you with all the necessary equipment for your dog.

Thus it is important to know the right age to get a puppy. There are several points of view, as well as several circumstances, that impact the answer to this topic.

Puppies must spend at least 60 days with their moms. Antibodies contained in mother's milk, like those found in humans, keep newborn puppies safe and secure against a range of illnesses, as well as strengthen their immunity. Puppies can also start eating solid food around two months, making the transition from the breeder to the house much easier. If you are looking for some healthy, cute puppies, Dogfather is the best dog shop in Jaipur.

Most people believe that the greatest time to get a dog as a puppy is somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks of age, and it’s true. Puppies learn a lot from their moms, so make the most of their time with them before you take over! During this critical phase, puppies must learn the fundamentals of toilet training, receive adequate socialising, and bond with you in their new puppy home. You don't want to separate a puppy from its mother too soon since this might have a detrimental impact on the dog's health, emotional condition, and happiness.

Adopting a new puppy, like any other age group, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things to consider if you're thinking about getting a new puppy.

Socialising Period

Puppies' socialisation stage normally lasts between 6 and 12 to 14 weeks of age. They are learning the rules of the world around them at this age. Puppy socialising at this phase has a significant impact on the dog's habits, confidence, and bonds throughout his life. They acquire dominance and submissive skills as well as fundamental communication abilities at the same time. A badly socialised dog is more likely to be afraid and has problems settling in with other dogs or people. It's also the stage when the puppy will build a deep attachment with the people who will be caring for him. If pups do not get the opportunity to begin socialising at these times, the chances of the canines ever being properly socialised are poor.


Puppies pick up valuable skills from their littermates. Puppies that are taken from their litter too soon are more prone to have behaviour and temperament issues as they mature. They may begin to exhibit dominating or submissive tendencies, which can lead to issues later in life. Puppies learn acceptable play habits as well as how to interact with and relate to other canines from their mother and littermates. They also acquire basic impulse control and biting inhibition through their siblings and mother's feedback. 

Premature Adoption

Adopting a puppy under the age of two months is not advised. In addition to substantially impeding socialisation, it disrupts the critical periods of breastfeeding and weaning for their physical health. If a dog is adopted too young, he or she may not recognise other canines, animals, or humans. This can result in a dog causing injury, even if they feel they are merely playing.

So, there are many reasons that pups should be adopted only after a certain period. Some states even have rules requiring pups to be at least 8 weeks old before they may be sold to the public. Approximately 15 of the 28 states make it illegal for anybody to sell an underage puppy.

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