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Located in the north Indian city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, The Dogfather can easily lay claim to being the best pet shop in Jaipur. You can expect the best customer support, guidance and the best pet care products all under one roof. A comprehensive range of products including the best pet accessories, Pet clothing and the latest pet toys available anywhere are stocked by us. We maintain a dedicated staff with expertise in various aspects of pet care including expertise in pet food and nutrition. As such we also stock the widest range of quality pet food manufactured by the best brands around the world.  

Pet care services

With our position as the leading pet shop in Jaipur, we not only stock the best products and accessories but provide a whole range of services. Ranging from pet grooming, pet training a dedicated pet boutique and can provide access to all kinds of consultations relating to your furry babies.

Pet Jacuzzi

Dumping your pet in the hot tub that you may have at your home is a bad idea. Pets not only have a different average body temperature when compared to us, but their method of regulating body temperature is also radically different. To put it simply if you want to have your pet enjoy some tub time then you need a dedicated pet Jacuzzi designed and optimised for them. The Dogfather maintains a pet Jacuzzi for your furry friends. 

Pet Care Consulting

The Dogfather can provide various types of consultations with regards to pets. Our staff are well versed with all aspects of pet care plus we maintain affiliations with pet care consultants of all kinds. Be it food and nutrition, toilet training, behavioural training, Play and toys or the best accessories for pets, we can provide consultations on all aspects of pet care. 

Veterinarian services

We maintain tie-ups and affiliations with the best veterinarian practitioners and veterinary health care facilities all over the country, please feel free to call us in case of undiagnosed illness or if you care for a special needs cat or a special needs dog.

Training and coaching

Not all pet owners and pet parents are familiar with training a pet or — training themselves — to maintain a stress-free cohabitation that is filled with love affection and meaningful companionship. Some, — particularly new pet parents — find it hard to get their pets to eat and sleep at stipulated times, control excitement, indulge pets in necessary playtime or simply toilet train their pets. The dog father is not only a leading pet store in Jaipur but also has garnered working relationships with professional pet trainers. If we don’t have them on our payroll we will get them for you. Please feel free to call if you require the most experienced trainers for your pets.  

Pet Boutique

Need to dress up your pet for a special occasion? No problem The Dogfather – your friendly neighbourhood pet shop in Jaipur maintains a dedicated boutique for pets. You can have a variety of designer pet apparel custom-tailored for your fur baby. If you want to attend a wedding and need your pet’s attire to match your own – we are just a call away. 

Pet Hostel – Reference only

The Dogfather was the first Jaipur pet care company to provide pet hostel services in the city, however, due to poor response at the time this service was discontinued. The Dogfather maintains a list of professional pet hostel service providers and can refer a suitable pet hostel for your pet that will meet his/her individual needs for care and attention. 

Dog walking

Have a busy schedule? Need to go out for the evening? No problem you can rely on your trusted Jaipur pet shop and online pet shop in Jaipur to provide for someone to walk your dog while you are away. Our dog walker will collect your pet on foot. Rest assured your dog will have had plenty of exercise and play, will be showered with attention and care and will return home happy and fulfilled.

Dog sitting

Just like there are babysitters to take care of your young ones while you are away. We provide a dog sitter in Jaipur to give your dog company if you need to go out and don’t want your dog to be alone. Charges will be on an hourly basis. You can check on your pet by calling our dog sitter at regular intervals. 

Cat Feeding and visit

Fiercely independent; a domestic cat is still a domesticated pet animal and is dependent on human company and care for its wellbeing. The Dogfather will provide for a nurturing human to visit, play with and feed your cat in case you are out for an evening. Charges will be on an hourly basis. 

Dog & Cat Grooming Services

The Dogfather is a leading provider of pet grooming services in Jaipur. Specialists in dog grooming in Jaipur and also specialists in cat grooming in Jaipur are both available directly with us or through our extensive partner networks.

Pet grooming services include:

  • Bath & Blow Dry 
  • Medicated Bath 
  • Nail Clipping 
  • Eyes and ears cleaning 
  • Teeth cleaning 
  • Paw massage 
  • Combing brushing 
  • Body Spray and conditioning 
  • De-matting


  • Sanitary clipping 
  • Full body trim and haircut 
  • Designer Haircut 
  • Body massage 
  • De-shedding treatment 
  • Anti-tick treatment 
  • Haircutting 
  • Spot-on Application 

Partner Brands

In order to provide the best in pet care products and services, we have partnered with some of the best pet care products manufacturers and some of the best pet care services providers. Our network of affiliates and partnered brands include international brands like Orijen dog food, Acana dog food, Ruffwear harness, Nutrapet dog toys, Nootie dog shampoo, Nylabone dog treats, to name a few.

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