Now You can use Bitcoin to adopt & buy pet supplies.



Few Says Its the future, few say its a risk worth taken , and few says its a dangerous & unpredicted investment .well ! everyone has a right to say and we respect it.   

but when it comes to what we think we will say YES! WE LOVE IT,  Bitcoin is leading cryptocurrency right now trending top on coinmarketcap. as a part of truly cashless society we are taking one step ahead to launch a facility to spend the bitcoin users in india there coins directly to purchase stuff.

Why should i choose buying from bitcoin while i can order things with credit/debit cards at practically anywhere .

"Yes You can and may be you should , We are not promoting bitcoin here, our main target clients are those who already bitcoiners or bit users. there is always a price difference between bitcoin buying & selling rate ,depended on various factors like exchange fees & USD=INR Value on particular date.

Now every time you sell something from your bitcoin investment to buy a physical good you have to sell it on lower price than that day's buying price , and as we observe the difference in prices are not small.

so why not directly purchase goods from bitcoin and remove the need of middleman(exchangers and traders)."

For more info on bitcoin these are few places whuch might give you a deeper insight =

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