Dog Grooming Supplies All New Dog Owners Need

Getting your dog grooming supplies is one of the most important duties you as a dog parent must fulfil.   

Below is a list of essential items for new dog owners that you must go through if you want to make your dog not only look but also feel and smell good.

  1. Grooming brushes and combs

We humans are all aware of that feeling when our hair is tangled and we try to detangle the knots, it hurts way too much. Brushing out the knots is a painful task. Our dogs do not feel any different when we use a normal human comb on them. They have long and voluminous hair and our combs are hardly a good fit.

Therefore, one of the most necessary dog grooming supplies is the grooming comb. Bonus points if you can also get a bristle brush. The ultimate goal of a brush is to leave your dog feeling fresh and fluffy and not scratch his body. The combs come with two different sides, one side with bristles wide apart and the other side with bristles closely packed. These combs are small enough to carry in your pockets and are made of surgical steel. They are extremely durable and will last a dog’s entire lifetime. The type of comb you need depends on your dog's coat and fur. You have to buy combs keeping in mind whether your dog is single- or double-coated.

  1. Nail clippers 

Like most of us, dogs too get uncomfortable with long nails. In order to get rid of them, they end up scratching out your furniture. It irritates them mentally and can often lead to physical injury. So, one of the things every dog owner should have is nail clippers. Clippers come in various types- scissors, guillotine and grinder-tools. The kind of nail clipper you need often depends on the breed and size of your dog. For example, scissors are used to trim nails of smaller breeds. For bigger breeds, grinder tools are necessary for nail clipping. Make sure that you get your dog accustomed to nail clipping from an early age, since abruptly clipping his nails can make him anxious. Hold your dog’s paw gently every time you cut his nails. Also follow a schedule, like every week or two weeks.

  1. First Aid Kit 

Even if you are steady with your hands, injuries are possible especially because dogs rarely sit still while in a grooming session. Keep a first-aid kit handy, for example, every time you are about to clip your dog’s nails. There is a chance that you might hurt your dog’s paw while clipping his nails,

You should always keep a jar of styptic powder as part of your essential dog grooming supplies. This will help deal with minor injuries that often happen when you are trying to groom your dog. All you have to do is cover the bleeding spot with the powder. This will help the blood clot only in a few minutes.

  1. Ear solution 

All dog owners know that your dog’s ears are one of those parts which are the most prone to getting dirty. Dogs are prone to getting mites in their ears. There is also the higher chance of ear wax building up over time. Not only will this cause bad odour and make it difficult for you to share the same room, it will also lead to health problems. Therefore, a natural ear solution is one of those must-have items in your dog grooming tool box. All you have to do is pour a few drops of the solution onto the ear and wipe the extra liquid with a towel. 

  1. Dog grooming shampoo 

Do not attempt to use human’s shampoo on your dog. It could lead to a disastrous impact, not the least of which is the increased shedding of fur. A dog-friendly shampoo is another essential item for your dog grooming tool kit. They often have a formula similar to a shampoo for babies. But they certainly have other chemicals in them which help to clean off the fleas. Fleas often accumulate easier if your dog likes to play outside more. A dog shampoo will get rid of these fleas and also clean his fur, making it super smooth and shiny. Dog shampoos, much like baby shampoos, are made to protect their eyes since you will be washing their face. The ideal dog shampoo must have a soothing effect on your dog. Consult your vet for the best recommendations. 

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