Bark Out Loud: Empowering Stray Animals through the Virat Kohli Foundation x Vivaldis Initiative

Bark Out Loud, in partnership with the Virat Kohli Foundation and Vivaldis, is on a mission to create a lasting impact on the lives of stray animals. This inspiring initiative aims to establish rehab and trauma centers in Mumbai, providing essential care, treatment, and fostering for injured and wounded animals. Together, they are making a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable creatures, and you can support their cause while also caring for your own pets with Bark Out Loud's high-quality products.

The Virat Kohli Foundation x Vivaldis Initiative

The collaboration between the Virat Kohli Foundation and Vivaldis stems from a shared vision to improve the welfare of stray animals. By combining their expertise and resources, they have created an initiative that focuses on rehabilitating and providing trauma care for injured animals. This unique partnership demonstrates their unwavering commitment to making a positive change.

Rehab and Trauma Centers

At the heart of this initiative are the rehab and trauma centers located in Mumbai. These centers serve as safe havens for injured animals, offering specialized facilities and veterinary care. The dedicated teams of professionals work tirelessly to ensure that each animal receives the necessary medical attention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Through their efforts, these centers provide a second chance at life for animals that have endured hardship and trauma.

Rescue Ambulances

To further enhance their rescue efforts, the initiative operates two fully equipped ambulances. These ambulances play a critical role in responding swiftly to distress calls involving stray animals. With trained personnel and necessary medical supplies on board, they provide immediate assistance and transport injured animals to the rehab and trauma centers. The presence of these ambulances ensures that no animal in need is left behind, giving them a fighting chance at survival and recovery.

Bark Out Loud Products

By choosing Bark Out Loud products for your own pets, you not only provide them with high-quality care but also support the Virat Kohli Foundation x Vivaldis initiative. Here are some of the featured products offered by Bark Out Loud:

  1. Allergy and Itch Relief Shampoo: Provide symptomatic relief from pruritus and soothe your pet's itchy skin with this natural and safe shampoo.

  2. Skin and Coat Hemp Chewstix: Treat your furry friend to these delicious chewstix enriched with active orange hemp, promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat.

  3. Multivitamin Immunity Chewstix: Keep your pet paw-sitively healthy with these comprehensive treats packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

  4. Calming & Anti-anxiety Supplement: Manage anxiety related to separation, travel, noise, and grooming with this calming supplement.

  5. Flea & Tick Spray: Protect your pet from pesky fleas, ticks, and other pests with this natural and safe spray.

Bark Out Loud's partnership with the Virat Kohli Foundation and Vivaldis exemplifies the incredible power of collaboration and compassion. Together, they are creating a lasting impact on the lives of stray animals in Mumbai. Through the establishment of rehab and trauma centers, the operation of rescue ambulances, and the sale of high-quality pet products, they provide essential care, treatment, and support. Join this noble cause by supporting Bark Out Loud and caring for your pets with their products. Together, we can make a difference and give these animals a chance to bark out loud in joy and gratitude while improving the lives of our own furry companions.

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