10 Things to Know Before Getting an Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan malamute is one of the most renowned breeds of primitive dogs. It is known for its extreme loyalty and is also extremely furry. This dog has a lot of strength and has similarities to the Arctic wolf. Arctic wolf is said to be the ancestor of an Alaskan malamute. It is the biggest dog when compared with the Nordic sled dogs. These giant Alaskan Malamutes are very attractive. Here are the top ten facts about an Alaskan malamute that you should consider before buying one:

  • Characteristics: It has amazing smelling power and has a great sense for recognizing directions. Due to these factors, it is used in a lot of polar expeditions and competitions. This dog needs to be engaged in competitions all the time otherwise it loses interest in everything. Once he does that it becomes extremely difficult to handle it. Therefore one needs to make sure that it is indulged in some of the other sorts of competition all the time. It also has amazing leadership qualities. These qualities make it different from other dog breeds.

Alaskan Malamute

  • Behavior: These dogs are extremely sensitive and need a lot of companionships and open space. They do not like to spend much time locked in apartments. You should make sure that they get the needed attention as well as a playground to play in. They have a lot of energy and should, therefore, spend a considerable amount of time playing or exercising. These dogs have rigorous energy levels and should be indulged in a lot of activities. Their energy level is very high, and they want to invest that energy in a lot of activities. They can be very beneficial for you if you also like rigorous activities. They can indulge you in activities that require great energy levels.
  • Alaskan Malamute Temperament: They are used for moving objects from one place to the other. They are also used for personal travel or for hauling. Due to their strong physique, they can help in carrying out strenuous activities. Nowadays they are kept as family pets. They are also used in pet shows. They are very effective in moving heavy substances over short distances. They can easily adapt to harsh weather conditions. They do not have any problem with that. They are extremely amiable dogs and are very fond of people. This is why they make amazing family pets. They are very loving and caring.
  • Exercise Need: They need to do a lot of exercise due to their high energy levels. If you do not indulge your Alaskan malamute in exercises, he can show aggressive behavior by damaging your furniture. They need a good amount of physical and mental stimulation. However, even though it needs a lot of exercises, you should make sure not to take this dog out in extremely hot conditions. On the contrary, if it is very cold outside make sure that you take your dog out for playing or exercising. You can indulge your Alaskan malamute in long walks of 60 minutes, running or jogging, weight pulling, sled pulling, challenging games like hiding and seek and much more stuff like that. They do not like to be left alone, and therefore you should also equally participate with them in the activities and keep yourself fit. It is pretty beneficial for you as you will not get bored and will enjoy playing with them. If you are someone who does not like to go to the gym and spend long hours over there, then these dogs can act as a life savior. You can burn a lot of calories while playing with them. They are perfect for playing whenever you want.

Alaskan Malamute

  • Health: Although this breed of dog is generally healthy yet they suffer from certain ailments like elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and other diseases. They may also suffer from diseases like cataracts which may subsequently lead to blindness. They may also develop Polyneuropathy, a condition in which there is a lack of coordination and stability that leads to gait a condition that makes the dog fall quickly or walk on the top of his feet. Malamute Alaskan puppies can develop day blindness when they are eight weeks old. Dogs affected by this can bump into stuff or stumble over small things. They also hesitate to come into sunlight. However, these signs disappear when night comes. A very observant owner can see these signs. You need to take adequate care of the Alaskan Malamutes to keep them fit.
  • Care: If you are planning to but an Alaskan malamute makes sure that you have enough leisure to take care of them. Their first and foremost requirement is a lot of attention and care. You should spend a lot of time with them to make them feel good about themselves. You also need to get engaged with them in all sort of activities. In case you isolate them for a long time you will have to deal with their destructive behavior. They love to dig holes. Give them a place in your yard to dig holes. They are very sensitive to heat and should not be taken out in hot weather conditions. You should take them out in cold weather as they adapt themselves pretty well in very cold weather conditions. Make sure you provide them plenty of water and air conditioning facilities in the hot weather conditions to survive in these conditions. Since their fur is so thick, they cannot live in hot weather conditions and therefore need cold weather to survive properly. Cold weather conditions are ideal for them, and they need a lot of care during the hot and humid weather conditions.

Alaskan Malamute

  • Behavior with small children: Although malamutes are very patient with children the fast-growing Malamute puppies can harm small children because of their excessive exuberance. You should monitor the interactions between small children and your Alaskan Malamutes to avoid any accidents. Also, you should teach small children how to approach puppies and touch them. You should, however, be present to supervise all the interaction. You should also teach your small children not to approach the dogs when they are sleeping or eating and not take away their food while they are eating it. However, if your child is below five years, it is better than you do not allow any interaction between them as these dogs turn over excited on meeting small children and old people and therefore you should avoid any interactions between them.
  • Food requirements: They require good diet plans which should include large-sized bread for high energy. Their diet requirements change when they grow from puppy to adult dogs. You should energy them with a good diet to boost their energy. Their food should include high energy. Make sure to give them food filled with lots of energy. Also when they eat never try to take their plates away; otherwise they will turn repulsive. Make sure that their diet very nutritive. Occasionally give them raw chicken. Also, add a large amount of protein in their diets to make it highly nutritive. Do not compromise even a bit on their diets and give them proper nutritive diets.

Alaskan Malamute

  • Behavior with strangers: Alaskan Malamutes are very friendly with strangers. Due to this reason, they are often easily stolen. Make sure that you guard them properly. A lot of strangers can utilize their behavior to steal them. If you are not careful, they can run away. Therefore you need to be very cautious with them and protect them accordingly. Do not allow them to get out of your sight when you go out with them. Make sure that you guard them properly.
  • Required grooming: You should brush the furry coat of the Alaskan Malamutes once or thrice a week to keep it clean. You should be ready to take adequate care of these animals before purchasing them. You need to shower these animals rarely just one to three times a year unless they get themselves very dirty. You should brush their teeth every day to avoid bad gums and smell. Trim their nails whenever you find them growing too much. Do not insert anything sharp in the ear canals of dogs. Just clean the outer ear.

Alaskan Malamute

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