Is Siberian husky a good house dog?

This article is for all the dog lovers out there. For those who have wished to own a dog since childhood or for the ones who have owned dogs since childhood and only wish to add more to their family, the choice of the breed can be a tough one. However, on top of the lists of many dog owners and wishers stands the Siberian husky. Go through the discussion forums online or comments of dog owners, you will realize the testament they provide for the goodness of this breed.

The Siberian husky is a medium-sized dog in essence. Their coating is thick but soft and is of mid-length. Interestingly, even people allergic to dogs can stick around Siberians without enduring any discomfort. They come in colors ranging from white, tan, red, grey to white and black. Their eye color can be blue or brown or both these colors with one for each eyeball. With such admirable characteristics, they are considered as beautiful companions for dog lovers.

Siberian husky facts to know:

  • Impeccable energy: they are hyperactive in their daily approach. These dogs wouldn't just sit around because they are bred as sled dogs. They have a lot of energy piled up which needs to be burnt out every now and then or else they will start finding ways to let it out. A dull and timid husky with sacked up energy can lead to harmful, destructive behaviors. In case you want to own this high energy dog, you will have to be up and going for regular walks, social outings, and runs. Leaving them to themselves in an open ground wont seal the deal.

Siberian husky

  • Skills similar to that of a Houdini: these dogs are very skilled at escaping situational grounds owing to their high energy and groundbreaking intellect. They are naturally tempted to wander and stroll around their area, and no average fence would be able to stop them. An active and focused husky will leap over a six-foot fence like it's a piece of cake and if they fail to do so, they will come up with other ways to escape. If you wish to confine your husky to your living yards, then you better come up with a strong reinforcement for your fencing plan. A lot of Huskies lose their way and end up losing their lives to car hits only because they rebel against staying in those long fences as well.
  • They shed a lot of hair: well when you own a dog, shedding of hair all over the place comes with the territory. In case of a husky, it goes beyond a certain level. They are naturally equipped to survive colder climates, and therefore they have an undercoat as well as a top coat. Their coats generally blow off during fall and spring. This implies that the undercoat starts shedding off as the top coat starts growing in. This usually lasts for a period of around three weeks, and that translates into ample fur on the floor, your clothes, the furniture and sometimes even mixed up with the food. In order to avoid this heap of shed hair all around your house, you might want to commit to daily grooming and vacuuming sessions.

Siberian husky

  • Their spirit is eternally independent: it is undoubtedly the fact that huskies can be commendably loyal and loving to their respective owners. However, independence in their nature does not allow them to be the comforting and lovable lap dogs that most people desire. They are notorious to a level of being stubborn, and they prefer doing things according to their will instead of living by the house rules. Training can be a complicated process in their case but not training them at all is definitely inadvisable. The owners need to have a certain amount of patience, determinacy, and consistency.
  • Climate suitability: these dogs typically do better in colder climates. They are of the Arctic origin due to which they have features like fluffy ears, coats, eyes, and paws making them a perfect fit to ride out harsh temperatures. You don't necessarily have to be too much towards the north, but you do need to have a colder climate if you wish to keep a husky. They overheat very quickly, and they definitely do not keep up well with the hot and tropical weathers. In case you still want to have a husky even if you are living in a tropical area, be prepared to keep the AC running all year round and make sure you have enough shade and water when you take them outside.

Siberian husky

  • Siberian Huskies are friendly with kids: the behavior of huskies is very jolly or fun-loving and energetic. They do not make up for excellent guard dogs, and somebody's presence around them is likely to make them happy and excited. They do very well kids, and if you keep up with their friendly nature, then they can be fantastic family pets as well.


Siberian husky puppies are evidently one of the most heart-melting ones out there. Their striking masks along with piercing eyes make them ever appealing. Where exactly would you find Siberian husky puppies? The answer to this would be numerous buy – a – puppy sites becoming popular by the day. When you look for puppies online, a significant concern is the authenticity of the breeder. Make sure you check the accreditation of the breeder before you buy. You should know that in order to have a healthy puppy, you must select a good breeder and good breeders generally take out enough time to connect with decent adopters. They do so via using their club connections and at times advertise on online puppy sale sites. Good breeders also do not have a lot of litters per year. Kennels of a larger scale typically have one litter at most in a single year.


Siberian husky

 Also, when you are choosing a puppy, you should see if it is active and it definitely shouldn't be bloated. No evidence of loose motions or straining under the tail should persist. When deciding between gender, be aware of the fact that females are easy to train and they are less dominant than their male counterparts. They are not as strong as their brothers and also bear less independence. Some people think that males are better at holding their temper than females.


Siberian husky price:  in general, low-end huskies can cost anywhere around 500 to 1000 dollars depending upon the reputation and quality of the bloodlines and their breeder. A puppy that has socialized well and comes from champion bloodlines with a backed up guarantee for health, will cost more than usual. It is always advisable to let go of the cost factor if you are looking for good quality, healthy husky.

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Siberian husky

Now since you know the ins and outs of owning a Siberian husky, you would not have to worry about being unaware while making a choice. The uttermost vital thing to keep in mind when deciding on the adoption of a dog, be it any dog is that you should acknowledge the fact that you would have to give a lifetime worth of commitment to it. There is simply no way out, and you cannot get rid of your responsibilities for taking care of your dog even if it becomes quite a task to handle. They are innocent beings, and they depend on you from the very moment you bring them to your home. You should be able to provide for a stable and loving environment for them. Huskies are amazing as working dogs which have admirable personalities, and for suitable families, they make great pets in contrast to what their nature is. Do enough research to ensure that the husky you buy is right for your lifestyle and family. So in case if you are wondering whether a Siberian husky would make a good house dog, the answer is that it depends on case to case. 

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