Do You Really Need A Dog Trainer ?


A Dog Trainer In Jaipur - Do you really one ? 

Buying a dog and having it in a home isn't all in the process of having a great experience with a pet. Having a great experience with your dog requires training.

A dog that is not trained will from time to time give its owner problem. However, when dog training in Jaipur is mentioned, the first thing people think of is a dog trainer.

This is quite a wrong understanding of dog training.

Dog training does not always require a trainer. There are some dog training that can be carried out by an ordinary dog owner.

At times, some training are best given to dogs by their owners. Dog trainers are only required if an owner wishes to give their extensive dog training.

So do you really need a dog trainer in Jaipur? You should be able to answer that question by now. However, this article will not end here; we'll like to teach dog owners how to give basic training for their dogs.


How To Socialize A Dog


It is not a scare scene to see dogs barking viciously at strange people and animals, in the presence of their owner.

Majority of dogs doing this are doing it out of lack of socialization. Majority of dog owners do not like it when their dogs are not social, so we'll teach how to socialize a dog.

First and foremost, there are a few reasons why dogs bark viciously at strangers and other animals: fear and anxiety.

Fear and anxiety are often caused by the lack of exposure to social conditions. Socializing a dog is as simple as taking it out to social places from time to time.

Expose it to strange people and animals, and when it behaves well, reward it. Such a reward tells the dog that it's done great and it also encourages it to keep the act up.

There are lots of reward items on our website. There are special dog foods you can use as a reward. We also have a lot of cool accessories.

However, note that exposure of a dog to social conditions is required all through its lifetime.

A dog should be taken out from time to time. If socialization of a dog stops, there are chances of the becoming unsocial once again.


How To Crate Train A Dog


Crate training may be an important training for a dog that has to live indoors. Some people condemn the act of putting dogs in crates.

If there's nothing wrong in putting a baby in a court, why should anything be wrong in putting a dog in a crate? There are a good number of reasons why using a crate is a good idea.

Some dogs are destructive in nature, and if you are unable to monitor them, they can end up destroying things in your home.

To prevent them from destroying when you can't watch them, you can get a crate where you'll put them when you can't watch them.

Some dogs are also careless and end up hurting themselves in the absence of their owner. Crates are also great for this kind of dogs.

On buying a crate, some food along playing toys should be placed in the crate. The dog should be allowed to go into the crate willingly.

This act should be repeated from time to time. When the dog goes into the crate on its own without the presence of food or toys, it should be rewarded. When the dog starts going in and out the crate regularly, it's time to make it know that the crate will be its new home.

Put some food and toys in the crate, then lock it when the dog gets in. The crate should be locked for about 30 minutes.

Repeat this act from time to time, and if the dog is comfortable being locked in the crate, extend the lock-up time by another 30 minutes, making the lock-up time 1 hour.

Extend the lock-up time when the dog is comfortable with the present duration. However, owners should abstain from the following: don't let the dog out when it barks because it was locked up.

Releasing it when it barks will make it assume barking is a way out of the crate when it wishes.

If you still not comfortable training your Dogs ? Then reach to our Professional Trainer by Contacting Us Today. 


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