Cane corso - Is it the Best Pet to Buy ?

cane cosor



Cane corso - Earn Loyalty 

Intelligent,brave,a ghost for its prey , you can expect a quality of professional bodyguard from this cousin of nepotism Mastif,born and breed in Italy ,also known as Italian Mastif,this breed is not for you unless you are not prepared to serve your role as Alpha of the team .

Before buying a cane corso, buyer must get as much knowledge about the puppies health and pedigree information, genetic problems and aggression travels through genetic says a recent science study. At The Dogfather, our vets make sure of quality linage and health of puppies before they enter or exit our farm.

Cane corso is not a cheap companion for all, it’s an expensive breed and mostly bought and put at the farm houses, we have a humble suggestion for most of people who buy cane corso for just the sake of show off, don’t do this, no matter how busy you are, Don’t ever buy a cane corso unless you ready to spend your time with it.

Remember money can buy you a finest quality dog but the loyalty you want from it -you have to earn it. Cane corso are really eager to learn and very easy to train if treated correctly.

Cane corso in India, is growing its popularity recently among dogs lover in India, We at the Dogfather are provider of finest quality cane corso puppies within normal budget and no compromise on health and linage. The Dogfather specialized in providing healthy puppies to good homes.

We are Jaipur based service provider for dogs in Jaipur and also dogs in India with facility of dog hostel, dog hotel and grooming services.

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