5 Cat-friendly Dog Breeds — From the Best Dog Farm In India



The most popular types of pets are dogs and cats. However, these two types of pets do not always get along.

If you're looking forward to getting a dog that'll from time-to-time interact with cats, it is important that you get a breed that tolerates cats.

Now, we have a question which is: which dog breeds are cat-friendly? With excellent experience with dogs and cats, The DogFather can tell you 5 dog breeds that are cat-friendly.

  1. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is not just a popular dog breed, it is also known to be very cat-friendly. This breed which originated in Scotland is also intelligent, amiable and obedient.

They have great love for water and are easy to train. It is very rare to come across situations where training a Golden Retriever will require harsh treatment.

Talking about the physic of this breed, a male Golden Retriever weighs between 65 lbs and 75 lbs. In kilograms, their mass is between 29 kg and 34 kg.

For a female Golden Retriever, the mass is between 25 and 29, in kilograms. In lbs, their mass lies between 55 and 65.

Just as male Golden Retrievers weigh more than female Golden Retriever, male Golden Retriever has more height than their female counterparts.

An average male Golden Retrievers that is fully-grown will have a height of 22 inches and 24 inches.

Measuring in cm, the range is 56 – 61 cm. As for female Golden Retrievers, their height is often between 20 inches and 22 inches, same as 51 – 56 cm.

This dog breed hardly makes good guard dogs, but they are excellent pet dogs and assistants.

They are calm, willing to learn, and they make good search-and-rescue dogs. On average, a Golden Retriever lives for a period of 11 years and 12 years.

  1. Cesky Terrier

Another dog breed on our list of 5 cat-friendly dog breeds, is the Cesky Terrier. This breed is no doubt a very tolerant breed.

The dog breed is very quiet, and they make great pets.

Cesky Terrier originated in Czech Republic, in 1948, when a breeder cross bred a Sealyham Terrier and a Scottish Terrier.

Although Cesky Terrier is a very rare breed, it is, however, popular in a good number of important countries of the world.

Fully-grown Cesky Terrier often measures in height, between than 9.5 inches (240 mm) and 12.5 inches (320 mm). However, on average, the males measure 11.5 inches (290 mm).

The females on average measure 10.5 inches (270 mm). As regards to the weight of this breed, they weigh between 13 pounds and 22 pounds (5.9 kg — 10.0 kg).

  1. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog which is a very popular dog breed, for many reasons, is another dog that is cat—tolerant. They easily coexist with other pets, under the same umbrella.

German Shepherd Dogs are very intelligent, obedient, strong and trainable. These characteristics make them usable for a wide range of things.

Alternatively called Deutscher Schäferhund, GSD and Alsatian, German Shepherd Dog are used in disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles, and acting.

Behind Border Collies and Poodles, the dog breed ranks as the third most intelligent breed of dog, in the world.

German Shepherd Dog which are large dogs are often tan with black saddlery. Their males weigh between 30 kg and 40 kg (66 lb — 88 lb).

As regards to their height, they often measure between 60 cm and 65 cm (24 inches — 26 inches).

Their females counterparts have weight between 22 kg and 32 kg (49 lb — 71 lb).

German Shepherd Dog are very protective of their family. Their litter size is often between 4 pups and 9 pups. As regards to their lifespan, on average, they live for a period of 9 years and 13 years.

  1. Brittany Dog

Brittany Dog is another cool breed of dog that is also tolerant of cats.

The breed may also be referred to as any of the following: Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Wiegref, Epagneul Breton, and French Brittany.

Brittany Dogs are medium-sized dogs and are characterized as being intelligent and alert. The breed comes in a number of colours, including: orange and white, liver and white, black and white, orange roan, liver roan, and black roan.

Brittany Dog originated in a province of France called Brittany. As it can be seen, the breed took its name after the province.

On average, fully-grown Brittany Dog weighs between 30 lb and 45 lb. In kilograms, the mass range is 14 kg — 20 kg.

The breed is energetic and athletic in appearance. Generally, they have short tails, but there are some Brittany Dogs with long tails. On average, this breed lives for a period of 14 years and 15 years.

  1. Bearded Collie

Here comes the last breed in the article, '5 Cat-friendly Dog Breeds — From The Best Dog Farm In India'. Bearded Collie is another cool dog breed, and gets along easily with cats.

The breed isn't as popular as some breeds like German Shepherd Dog, but it stands out as one of the most remarkable breeds.

Bearded Collie which is also called Highland Collie, Mountain Collie, and Hairy Mou'ed Collie, originated in Scotland.

It originated from the breeding of a fascinating Shetland Sheepdog bitch and a male Polish Lowland Sheepdogs that was excellent at herding sheep.

The breed has an average lifespan of 11 – 13 years. Bearded Collie generally weighs between 18 kg and 27 kg, approximately 40 – 60, in lb. The height range of male Bearded Collies is 53–56 cm (21–22 inches), while that of their female counterparts is 51–56 cm (20–22 inches).

Bearded Collie comes in a number of colors: black, blue, brown, or fawn with white. Their litter size is between 4 pups and 12 pups.

Here at The DogFather, we breed one of these cat-friendly dog breeds — German Shepherd Dog. Get any question about it? You call us or leave us a mail. You can also pay us a visit at our office.

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