Dog Breeding As a Business- should I or Should I Not ?

OK, So You are a dog lover ofcouse, you are passionate enough to opt dog breeding in india as profession despite knowing 80% of dogs in india are produced by puppy mills and ofcourse you can not imagine the competion over prices of a puupy resulted by ethical breeding vs puppy mills.

Especially in a country like india where people are dog lovers on facebook & twitter but in real life when the time comes they will choose a low cost puppy and won't give a sh*t about their parentage and linage and indirectly will support and encourage puppy mills, OR a new segment of Well educated people who blindly follow the notion "adopt don't buy", no offence to people who really care about stray dogs and adopt them ,you people are doing a great job and I salute for you but in my experience ,

I get 100 calls in a day (thanks to Google SEO) about adoption but here's the funny part everybody wants to adopt a purebred puppy not a single call in one year asked me about stray/rescued dogs to adopt.

So despite all that you still want to pursue your passion regarding dog breeding then there are few things you must know ...

  1. Should I Or Should I not?

A decision concerning living creature never be taken lightly.

All factors must be carefully considered.

…Let's face it.

The life of a dog breeder is demanding.sure,it's fun to cuddle adorable puppies.

But Midnight whelping,weighing squirmy pups,mixing groopy cereal,wiping poodles,scooping poop and clipping many nails are all part of a breeder's life. and it doesn't stop there.

Selling puppies isn't posting a sign in your kennel and or running a newspaper ads.

It begins with the decision to breed and doesn't end until the last puppy dies of old age- because we are responsible for every animal we bring into this world.

it seems natural when mom's taking care of the crew, when she says, "I quit!" our work multiplies by the number of puppies.


A typical breeder's day starts with the first puppy yodel (usually at sunrise).The yowling continues until those tummies are full.

So, bleary-eyed,before shower and tea, you mix cereal or puppy food with nutritional goodies aimed at making the crew forget Mom's home cooking, while the pups are tasting, gobbling or scrambling through the food, you clean bowl and replenish fresh water. then you mop goop off the puppies, between four and eight weeks - this must be done four times a day- every day including holidays, when your in-laws are visiting and when you have the flu.

The vital socialization process comes during the time you spend loving and stroking, its also is implemented during bathing, lead breaking and grooming, periodically, you weigh, cut nails, make a trip to the vet,collect stool samples and record all the information for future reference. in between pedigree must be typed, feeding and grooming instruction gathered and papers sorted for each puppy.

You pray you will have not only buyers but also the right home for every pup, designing attractive ads, taking pictures or videos, answering phone and emails (many of which are only window shopping, screening buyers, temperament testing and matching the right puppy with perfect home all take a lot of time then you would imagine. an ethical breeder logs 250 hours per litter from breeding to sale.

if complication arrives- such as illness or a mother that won't tend to puppies - double the hours.

sometime, especially if you have not established a reputation in your breed, you must be prepared to keep the little darlings until they become sharp-fanged little devils, you must able to present them as the sweet pups you know in your heart they still are.

  1. Professionalism and responsibility

Breeders should act professionally even though they might not breed dogs as the primary business.

Whether breeding is a life's dedication or only a hobby , professionalism means that breeders intent to produce happy, healthy, attractive dogs. they refuse to mix breeds or pair dogs indiscriminately because of proximity, convenience or financial appeal. there is no reason to perpetuate mediocrity or worse if a dog has a genetic problem, why pass it to its pups and their owners? Breeders should discuss a breed's drawbacks, as well as it's appeal, with buyers. most home representation of the breed and the individuals is a must, breeders are sure of the soundness of their breeding animals but they must try to prove their dogs worth in at least one area of competition: breed, obedience or performance.

Even the most successful exhibitor receives more calls for companions than for a puppy show, and nearly every litter contains pet quality puppies, even those from top-notch parents.

Despite this abundance of pet homes, each breeder's goal should be to strive to improve. while a show prospect still makes a good companion, a pet quality pup rarely makes a show dog of breeding quality, sweetness, loyalty, cuteness are not enough reason to breed a dog.

With over 5 Million dogs euthanized annually because of lack of homes, we feel no one should breed who is not willing to sign the following pledge: 

      " I pledge that all animals that i breed are sound,both mentally and physically, and that they are outstanding example of their breed.

       I pledge to sell all pets on spay/neuter contracts and to enforce them.

I pledge to assist in providing a loving home during its lifetime,to the best  of my abilities, for every animal I breed."

that said , each year millions of ex-pets,once upon a time cute puppies, die or live out their lives in cells, they die in storm, under cars, they die of starvation or disease,often they die in agony, remember that anyone who creates a life is responsible for that life..... for a lifetime.

reproduction is not only the miracle of birth, sometimes it brings the tragedy of death. breeders must be able to face the terrifying possibility of losing a puppy or the entire litter or - even worse whelping complication.

We will further talk about many important steps and cautions in our next blog post

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  • When one is extremely passionate then only he can and he should do it. In most of the cases people aren’t.

  • Nice article. As a strict follower of ‘Adopt, don’t shop’ policy, I agree on the fact that most people still don’t understand the basic aim behind that philosophy and want to ‘adopt’ pure bred dogs, just to save money. I love all animals equally and follow this philosophy only to protest against puppy mills. I would also like to add that the ‘stray dog’s of India today are actually mix breeds from up to 10-15 original pure bred Indian breeds that existed many years ago in the subcontinent, but have gone extinct due to the influx of foreign breeds. I have 2 rescued and adopted street dogs and there is hardly a walk when someone doesn’t ask me which breed they are, just because they are well fed and well groomed. To summarize, I would like to say that I’m happy to read your article and hope that all dog breeders are as devotional to dog care / welfare and strive to shut down puppy mills and promote ethical breeding.


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