Best Dog Kennel In India – See The Best place for your Dog


Best Dog Kennel In India – The Best place for your Dog

It will be rare to come across a pet owner who has never found themselves in need to leave their pets behind for some time. When such situations arise, some pet owners hand over their dogs to a friend or a family member.

Unfortunately, most of these people we hand our pets over to, have little or no knowledge of how to care for them.

The end result is that our pets suffer, and we'll often wish we could have taken our pets along.

Good enough, pet lovers are beginning to realize that entrusting their pets with just anyone is not a good idea, and with the help of businesses like The DogFather, pet owners can safely leave their dogs behind, knowing their dog will be okay.

However, not all dog kennels in the country are doing a great job in keeping dogs of people. In other words, people often prefer to know a dog kennel is okay, before even thinking of bringing their dogs down to them.

While The DogFather runs the best dog kennel in the country, we will love to give you some reasons to rest assured The DogFather is the dog kennel for your pet. There we go.

1.Our Dog Kennel Was Designed Carefully, To Suit The Housing Of Dogs

When The DogFather started its dog kennel unit, we didn't just get a facility we can house dogs, and start a business. Rather, we carefully planned out the whole dog boarding service.

With the help of our careful planning which required extensive research and considerations, we were able to come up with an excellent dog kennel.

Among the requirements our plan was created to fulfill, is the production of a dog kennel that suits the housing of dogs.

While many customers have praised the uniqueness and outstanding quality of our dog kennel, it is of our interest to see you come around and have a look at our first class dog kennel.

2.Our Dog Kennel Is Managed By A Team Of Experts

It is a different thing to have a good kennel and a good management team. At The DogFather, we do not only have an excellent dog kennel, we also have an outstanding management team.

The team of dog experts who manage our dog kennel is second to none in the whole of the country. These experts are people who have undergone great training in the caring of dogs.

Not only do they have great training, they also have excellent experience in the field.

3.Our Dog Kennel Is 99.9 Percent Tick-free

Keeping away ticks in a way that wouldn't affect our pets, is arguably a challenging thing to accomplish.

Majority of dog kennels find it impossible to be 99.9 percent tick-free, for a long period. Those that are able to keep these insects away, use techniques that are not okay, taking the welfare of dogs into consideration.

At The DogFather, we stand out in this aspect as we have maintained a tick-free status, for a long time.

Rather, than taking traditional approaches to the control of ticks, we employ a revolutionary approach. This approach is the product of series of scientific researchers.

However, while trying to stay free of ticks forever, we always make sure that we do not, things that can affect the welfare of these pets.

4.We Provide Only Appropriate Foods To Dogs Entrusted To Us

Among major reasons why people do not trust most of the dog kennels in the country, is that inappropriate foods are being given to pets in the absence of their owner.

As a business full of dog experts who understand the consequences of feed dogs inappropriate foods, we make it a great priority to feed pets as appropriate.

We do not compromise quality feed in the name of saving money, neither do we compromise quality feed out of ignorance.

At The DogFather, we do not feed pets a general food. We handle pets individually, and we feed them based on their need.

However, if a pet owner specifies food they want us to feed their pet, their pet will be fed as stated. We'll also like to add that The DogFather sells great dog foods — in other words, you don't have to stress yourself looking for dog foods.


5.We are Known Country-wide To Provide The Best Dog Boarding Service

The DogFather is so popular among dog lovers in the country, not because we spent money on an advertisement or any form of promotion. Our popularity is due to our diversity and excellence of service we provide at everything we are involved in.

The DogFather is diverse in the sense that we also sell pet foods, breed dogs, etc. As regards to our dog breeding, we breed the following dog breeds: German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Cane Cosmo, Alaskan Malumate, Chow Chow and Tibetan Mastiff.

When it comes to the best dog boarding service, The DogFather is the first word that surfaces on the tip of people's tongue, and that happens because they trust us always to give the best.

6. We Care For Pets Based On International Standard

There are millions of dog lovers all over the world. We furthermore have people and organizations who invest money and effort in the better caring for pets.

The DogFather keeps tabs on the latest information concerning the caring for these pets. We do not just keep tabs on them, we also apply them to our business. In short, we operate based on the latest international standards.

In conclusion, The DogFather is no doubt the best place to put your dog when the need arises. We can go on-and-on proving this to you, but instead of that, why not come over to our dog kennel. We want to see you have a feel of our kennel.

We'll also like to hear from you — it could be questions or anything. We are available: 9672504444 |, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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