Best Dog Farm In India (The DogFather) - The Best Breed For You.

Best Dog Farm In India (The DogFather)- Best Breeds Of Dog You Can Find 

The DogFather does not only have a standard dog hostel and other dog-related businesses, but we also have a dog farm. With the help of our dog farm, it is possible for anyone in the country to go home with a new dog, without any delay.

However, The DogFather does not breed all dog breeds, we breed these major dog breeds.

Our reason for limiting our breeds can be found in our article Where we discussed reasons why we're tagged the best dog breeders in India.


Back to the main content, this article will expose breeds of dogs we deal with. Information that will be provided about the breed of dogs will include things like: lifespan, size, litter size, etc.


1.Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky dogfather

The Siberian Husky, also known as Siberian Sibe, is one of the breeds of dogs we currently deal with, at The DogFather.

The Siberian Husky is a very cute breed, and they are very suitable to be used as pets. This breed originated in the northern part of Siberia, a place in Russia. Talking in terms of genetic, this breed belongs to the Spitz family.

Male Siberian Huskies are known to weigh between 46 pounds and 60 pounds. Talking about their mass in a kilogram, they weigh between 20 kg and 27 kg. The female counterparts of male Siberian Husky often weigh significantly less than the males.

Their mass is often between 35 pounds and 50 pounds. From the weight, it can be assumed that male Siberian Huskys are larger. Interestingly, this assumption is very true.

Male Siberian Huskys are often between 21 inches and 24 inches, in height. This measurement is an equivalent of 53 – 61 cm. Female Siberian Huskys on the other hand, often have their height between 18 inches and 20 inches. In centimetres, this height range is between 46 cm and 51 cm.

Furthermore, this breed of dog often lives between 12 – 14 years. However, there are exceptional cases where Siberian Huskys were seen to live for over 17 years. Majority of female Siberian Huskys produce between 4 – 8 litters.

That's not all, this breed is known to have coat thicker than that of most other breeds of dog. A pure breed Siberian Husky will likely have an almond-shaped eye; they eye may be brown, black or blue. Siberian Husky is known to be children friendly.


2.Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dogfather

Shih Tzu is another excellent breed of dog that can be used as pet. They are popularly known for being adorable. Unlike Siberian Husky which we stated that its origin is Russia, the origin of Shih Tzu is unknown.

However, some people believe this breed originated in China, but there isn't solid proof for this.

Shih Tzu are small, thus they have relatively low mass. A male Shih Tzu will likely weigh between 11 lbs and 19 lbs.

This is an equivalent of the range 5 - 8.5 kilograms. Their female counterparts often weigh lesser, between 4.5 kilograms and 8 kilograms.

As regards to the height of this breed, the males often measure between 9.1 inches and 11 inches, while the females often measure between 7.9 inches and 9.8 inches.

For the male and female, their height range in centimetre is 23 – 28 cm and 20 – 25 cm, respectively.

The Shih Tzu breed exists in a wide array of colours, and some of the common colours are: gold, dark brown, light brown, white, black, grey, brindle red, and blue.

shih tzu colors variants dogfather

The litter size of this breed is often between 1 puppy and 8 puppies. Ordinarily, Shih Tzus lives anywhere between 10 years and 16 years.

It is well-known that this breed of dog is very friendly. They are furthermore loyal, affectionate and outgoing.

Another interesting thing about this breed is that it is very alert. Owing to their impressive alertness, they are sometimes used as watchdogs.

The breed loves the closeness to companions.


3.Cane Corso

 Cane Corso dogfather

The Cane Corso breed is another dog breed we deal with at The DogFather.

This breed is well-known to have originated from Italy. Historically, this breed was used as security dogs, but these days, they are also used as pets.

The Cane Corso which is of high value in Italy has some other names: Italian Mastiff, Italian Corso Dog, Italian Corso, and Cane Corso Italians.

Cane Corsos are large dogs, unlike Siberian Huskys and Shih Tzu which are medium-sized and small dogs, respectively.

A male Cane Corso will likely weigh between 45 kilograms and 50 kilograms. This is an equivalent of 99 – 110 lbs. The females of this breed often have a mass between, 40 – 45 kilograms. 40 – 45 kilograms is roughly the same as 88 – 99 lbs.

As regards to the height of this breed, male Cane Corsos often measure anywhere between 62 cm and 70 cm. In inches, this is approximately 24 – 28 inches. For the female Cane Corsos, their height is often between 58 cm and 66 cm, or 23 inches and 26 inches.

Cane Corsos are known to have large heads. Plus, their muzzles are flat and rectangular. The lifespan of this dog breed is between 8 years and 11 years.


4.German Shepherd

We also breed German Shepherds in our standard dog farm. German Shepherd is no doubt popular, and one of the most sought-after dog breeds.

This breed is similar to the Cane Corso, in the sense that they are both used as security dogs. German Shepherd originated in Germany.

This breed is desired for a number of traits like strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience. The breed is well-used by security and law enforcement agencies.

German Shepherds are in-between medium-sized and large dogs. Male German Shepherds will often weigh somewhere between 30 kilograms and 40 kilograms, or 66 – 88 lbs. For the females of this breed, their weight often lies between 22 kilograms and 32 kilograms.

The height range for the male of this breed is 60 – 65 cm, while the height range for the female is between 55 – 60 cm.

The litter size of this breed is often between 4 puppies and 9 puppies. As regards to their lifespan, they live for a period of 9 years and 13 years.

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