Best Dog Breeder in India - 6 Reasons Why Tagged the Best

6 Reasons Why Tagged the Best Dog Breeder in India

The DogFather which started out of love for dogs, is now a business a significant amount of people consider the best in the country. It wasn't our intention to be tagged the best breeder in the country, but our great love for dogs makes us breed these pets the best way.

This article was not written to make a rant about our success, it was rather written to given insight into the reasons why many consider us the best dog breeder in India

1.We Breed Out Of Love, Not For Money

 love dogs

Just as we stated above, The DogFather was not founded for the sake of making money from dogs.

This business is rather a business that evolved from our great love for dogs. This purpose of breeding dogs is one that makes a stand out among other dog breeders.

Unlike other dog breeders who are primarily after the money, and often goes against best practices in dog breeding, The DogFather strictly adheres to best practices in dog breeding.

We are excellent dog breeders who see dog breeding as a job on its own. We have remarkable knowledge and experience in dog breeding.

Furthermore, we make it of utmost importance to have our breeders consistently gain more knowledge and experience. The DogFather employs international standards in the breeding dogs.

We have considerable international recognition for being one of the dog breeders that pursue progressive breeding.


2.We House Our Pups In Standard Dog Hostels

 pups standard environment

It is very common to see dog breeders house their pups in the garage, basement, and their likes. This may not seem like a big deal to some people, it is, however, a very bad dog breeding practice.

There are so many reasons why keeping dogs in poor condition, is considered very bad, but we wouldn't go to that as this content was not written for that purpose.

At The DogFather, we treat our pups with great importance. We do not see them as mere animals. Rather than relegating them as mere animals, we treat them as companions.

We believe it’s cruel to house these companions under poor conditions; as a result, we set up a standard dog hostel.

Our dog hostel is standard in the sense that: it is conducive for healthy living of dogs. It is furthermore 99.9 percent tick-free, thanks to the scientific approach we employ to keep these insects away.

Interestingly, our dog hostel is not only available to our pups, but it is also available to your dogs. Need a dog hostel for your dog? You shouldn't think twice before bringing your dog to us.

In addition, we have swimming for dogs — only a very few dog hostel in the country care up to the extent of providing such a thing for our great companions.


3. We Breed Dogs With Excellent Temperament

When looking forward to getting a dog, as a pet, one of the most important things to watch out for is the temperament of a dog.

There are some things about dogs that we have no influence over, but one of the things about dogs we can influence is their temperament.

The temperament of a dog is very important if a dog must make a good pet. While this can be influenced, the majority of dog breeders do not pay attention to it or are careless about it.

We understand the importance of raising dogs with good temperament. As a result, we invest a lot of effort in making sure that our dogs are of good temperament.

We do not just stop at making sure that dogs we breed are of good temperament, we go extra miles to ensure they are of excellent temperament — good is not considered okay by us, excellence is what we crave for.

4.We Breed Dogs with Excellent Health

People who have had dogs that are not very healthy can tell you how frustrating it is to have them. Unless an owner wants to be careless, unhealthy dogs require a lot of effort to keep.

Furthermore, they may also cost their owners a lot of money, on health care.

While unhealthy dogs are commonly adopted by people. Adoption of unhealthy dogs can be completely avoided.

With the help of our seasoned team of dog breeders, The Dogfather is only stocked with dogs that are naturally healthy.

Our dogs hardly have health challenges because we invest a lot of effort in ensuring this.

5.Before Taking Our Pup Home, We Educate You On How To Raise Them Successfully

Majority of dogs breeders raise dogs, and sell them to people, without caring much about the future of the dog and its new owner.

At The DogFather, we do not operate like that. We care about the happiness of both the dog and the owner, as a result, we take our time to educate our customers on how to raise their new pet successfully.

It wouldn't be our joy to hear our dog isn't getting along with its new family. However, note that this education isn't a long training programme.

They are just tips which are very useful. We share them with you, during the process of getting a dog from us. In addition, we give tips you wouldn't get from other dog breeders.

6. We Breed A Limited Amount Of Dog Breeds

A mistake majority of dog breeders make is breeding too many breeds of dogs simultaneously. The more breed of dogs a breeder has, the more effort they will require to breed them successfully.

Unfortunately, majority of these dog breeders breed too many breeds than they can handle successfully, and in the end, they fail in excellent breeding.

Despite the fact that The DogFather has the best dog breeding programme in the country and it is capable of handling the breeding of a good number of dog breeds simultaneously, we still limit ourself to the breeding these breeds.

At The DogFather, we breed only the following breed of dogs: German shepherd, Siberian Husky, Shih Tzu, Cane Corso, Alaskan Malumate, Chow Chow and Tibetan mastiff.

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