Alaskan Malamutes Price in India – The Exact Figure and Best Tips


Alaskan Malamutes Price in India – The Exact Figure and Best Tips

Alaskan malamute puppies are always confused for Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky by lots of dog owners. These are different breeds given their features and nature. However, Just like Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamute seems to be a working breed.

If you are planning to purchase this breed of dog then you need to understand that it requires lots of commitment and dedication on your part to make it work.

People have bought this dog breed in the past and weren’t successful in training them. There is only one problem which can be said to be responsible for such a negative development.

This is the fact that most of such owners usually lack proper understanding about how this dog breed can be trained effectively.

Before trying to even consider Alaskan Malamute Price in India, there are lots of facts that you should know about this breed. These will help you understand what it is and whether you can cope with it or not. Just read the facts below to discover more about this dog breed today.


1 - They Enjoy Doing Jobs While Exercising

This is one of the most notable features of Alaskan Malamute breed. They love doing jobs even while exercising. Don’t forget that it is a working breed. Just like Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky, they've been bred majorly for strength and stamina. The major difference is that although huskies seem to be known for stamina, Alaskan Malamute breed is much stronger and larger. It has been discovered that she has the strength to pull loads that are extremely heavy.

This could be loads which weigh about 907 kg.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why most people usually make enquiries about Alaskan Malamute Price in India as they use her in executing various tasks that seem strenuous.

Her working background makes it important that she is made to undergo series of exercises on a daily basis.

This will help her to maintain a very high level of fitness.

Some exercise activities that you can make her undergo are hiking, sledding, carting, agility classes, walking, running and others.

You also need to understand that where the dog breed is purchased from is very important. This is because there are lots of companies that sell dog breeds which aren’t healthy. Such will only cause you more problems than you can handle.

You can stick with a reputable dog breed company such as Dogfather. They offer healthy Alaskan Malamutes that you can easily train.


2 - They Require Firm Leaders

 Although most dog experts will not tell you this, Alaskan Malamute needs leaders that are firm. This means that you need to have acquired some experience in the process of dog training before they can be well – managed. Try to consider whether this is a breed that you can handle before asking about Alaskan Malamute Dog Price in India. Please note that they can be acquired by newbies but you will need to put in a lot of efforts to achieve tangible success.

The reason for this is that she has got a stubborn nature just like Siberian husky.

Sometimes you want to think that she isn’t brilliant. This isn’t the case as she is super intelligent. They have a way of putting their leaders or parents to test. Once they discover that you are weak as a leader, they will not obey your instructions.

This doesn’t mean you have to be strict but just be serious and committed to the whole process.  This is the reason why most experts have advised that this dog breed should be trained from very tender age.

It will enable them to become very good followers. 

In case you are interested in purchasing this dog breed, then you will need some tips on how to train her effectively. 

A company such as Dogfather has experts that are vastly experienced when it comes to training of Alaskan Malamutes. It is a company which is 100% committed to ensuring that dog parents like you are well – equipped on how to train this dog breed successfully.

3 - Exploratory Instinct

This is one of the reasons why most people don’t usually make inquiries about Alaskan Malamute price range in India. This breed always wants to explore any environment they find themselves in.

If you want to own one then you will have to be prepared for this.

Alaskan Malamute breeds do have this high sense of exploration which makes them different from other breeds. Most experts claim that it has to do with their stubborn nature.

If you buy one today, the best thing to do is ensure that it is kept in an enclosed place. This could be an area that is fenced in order to prevent it from hitting the streets.

This is very important since she may not come back once given the chance to move around an area.

4 - They are Calm and Friendly

This is perhaps another aspect that you need to really consider before asking about Alaskan malamute Price in India.

They are naturally calm breeds.

Alaskan malamute is tough when it engages other animals during fights.

Unless you’ve been very experienced in the process of training this dog breed in the past, avoid keeping two dogs of similar sex together in one place.

For instance, don’t keep 2 females or males together. They've got a really high prey drive that you will have to manage. You can use this to your advantage though. Such could be using her to scare away animals that you don’t want to see around the home like squirrels, rabbits, and others.

Not all the time that such aggressiveness can be traced to their nature as it could be that they haven’t been well – bred.

A dog that hasn’t been properly bred will always become very aggressive towards other animals and people. Therefore it is recommended to buy your Alaskan malamute from a company such as Dogfather which understands the rudiments of dog breeding.


5 - They Are Diggers

There are dog owners that don’t enjoy seeing their puppies dig holes – they just can’t stand such behaviour.

In case you happen to be one of such people, it is important to think twice before asking about asking the price of Alaskan Malamute Puppies Price in India.

This is because Malamutes enjoy digging a lot.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why they shouldn’t be left in the garden all alone as they can make a mess of the place.

There are two things you can do to prevent this from happening. The first is ensuring that all of her needs are met. This can help to a great extent and make her stay calm.

The second is keeping her in an enclosed area.

It should be noted that although the above strategies are great at preventing malamutes from digging unnecessarily, they have to be used with caution.

This is because they may eventually have some negative implications which can hinder how she behaves around your home.

For instance, trying to meet her needs all the time can lead to being stubborn and not yielding to instructions.

Also, making a malamute stay in a restricted area for too long can lead to problems such as depression and feelings of being sad.

It is important you understand how to strike a balance between preventing your malamute breed from digging around the home and ensuring that these negative behaviors are avoided. A company such as Dogfather will provide you with top tips on how such problems can be avoided you will be amazed at how easy such an issue can be addressed.

6 - They Shed Heavily 2 Times in 12 Months  

Alaskan Malamutes are just like the husky breeds. They have this double coat that is extremely thick. An under outer coat . Within a period of one year, their undercoat is shed 2 times.

This means that for about 21 days (3 weeks), you should be expecting to see lots of fur around the home.

What you should do in a period such as this is ensuring that the dog is brushed on daily basis. You should make use of any heavy – duty brush which can reach its undercoat.

It is a time when you will have to really exercise some patience with your malamute breed. Based on the above, it is obvious that Alaskan malamute breed is one of those dog breeds that can be very demanding when it comes to effective training.

However, you shouldn’t have any problem training your own through some of the powerful tips which have been provided above.

These tips give you the confidence to ask questions about Alaskan malamute dog price in India.

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