5 Strange Eating Habits And What They Mean About Your Dog


5 Strange Eating Habits And What They Mean About Your Dog

 You may fall in love with your dog’s quirks, but there are some occasions where their behavior can be strange and annoying to you. You can see such expressions in them.

......For example, during the time for dinner, many dogs show expressions in strange ways.

Having a strong knowledge and understanding of the ways and reasons dogs act the way they do is not scientific.

But it is a great thing to put yourself in their paws.....

If you start to think like a dog, you might be able to know why your pup acts in a particular way during meal time. It might not be the only strange behavior you will perceive with your dog.

There are some others.

I will give you some examples of odd eating habits in dogs and what they could mean.

  1. Acting in fear

Most dogs can’t delay in dipping their snouts into a big basin of kibble.

If your pup is expressing obvious fear or displaying additional signs of fear during meal time, it’s a strong indication that the food is not the cause of the problem.

Certain kinds of dog dishes can.

Metal dog dishes are the largest culprits. Canine behaviorists are of the opinion that there might be some reasons why dogs act fearfully about metal dishes.

One of such reasons is the hitting of their tags with the dish which produces noise and brings about discomfort to them.

......Also, they get afraid when they see the reflection of their faces on the metal.

For some dogs, new objects—regardless of its components—will make them afraid.  What you should is to try another means to serve your pooch’s meal to see if that helps.

  1. Movement of food to the floor

Some dogs eat in a picky manner. There are also some dogs that are less choosy with what they eat. They care less about what they eat as to how they eat them.

It is surprising to see a dog moving his food from the bowl or basin to the ground before he decides to eat it.

It is as well a confusing situation as you can’t perceive the reason for such an action. 

This behavior could be as a result of the dog having a challenge with the bowl.

If the dog doesn’t like the sound the basin makes if he touches it, he will work out ways to abstain from it.

It can also produce a repulsive smell like a piece of soap...

If it isn’t any of those things, your dog most likely does not like how the basin moves while he eats. He might have a preference for the ground because he knows it’s not moving anywhere.

  1. Changing the position of the food basin

You set the basin down in its appropriate area, but by the time your dog finishes eating, he’s all over the room.

This odd eating habit is always fun to watch.

And in contrast to the other habits of your dog, this one does not portray a hidden message as dogs love food.

Enthusiastic eaters sometimes move with their food substance as their happy chomping gets in tune with the food basin beyond the floor.

Dogs with a level of high-energy don’t like sitting and yet still generally do this....

It also happens more often with dogs that delight in eating wet food.

There is always a sticking of the food with the food basin; thereby it requires force to lick the food.

  1. Eating Dirt

Don’t express surprise when you find out that your pup gnaws on a shoe or does his best in eating his way through a pillow, but taking dirt as food is not hygienic and normal.

Taste of such substances is not good, and you should not allow your dogs to eat them.

It is also dangerous when your dogs eat too much dirt.

The common reason you will find your dog eating dirt is that he wants to get a balance in the food deficiency he gets.

So, he uses dirt as a remedy for a nutritional imbalance.

Certain kinds of soils are very rich in the content of zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium—nutrients dogs (and humans) require always to stay healthy.

If your dog decides to feed on dirty substances and clay in the garden, it may be their body’s way of getting deficient nutrients.

Consult with your vet on the best ways to appropriately supplement or change your dog’s diet.

5. Taking much time to eat

It is not a bad signal when your dog takes longer time than normal to eat.  He is only express confidence that the food is intact whenever he desires to eat it. But there could be a health issue with him. He might be suffering from stomach upset or a toothache that can make eating painful. Consult your vet in such a case.





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